Friday, January 23, 2015

Watson Bra & Bikini

I'm so excited about this pattern.  I have made a couple now.  The first ones were definitely a combination of trial and error.  It also helps to have the right kind of fabric.  

  I love the results I got with this one.  There is still more to be perfected, but this one will be definitely worn and not recycled for rings, sliders, and back fasteners like the others.

I purchased a half yard of purple pink roses patterned lace fabric from Girl Charlee, which I used for the outer cups and outer layer of the cradle ($3 purchase).  

I used milliskin to line the cradle, a double layer of stretch mesh for the inner cup piece, as well as lining the outer cup pieces.  Light weight powernet was used for the band.  These fabrics were purchased from Spandex World.  This is the first time I have bought from them and I'm very happy with the variety and quality of fabrics.  

I really like the soft look of piping elastic.  I bought several colors from Sew Sassy.  I had some Offray ribbon bows in my sewing stash.

The bra is not lined (seams exposed) and I am okay with that.  I pulled out my RTW bras and they are not lined either--I never noticed before.

I was pleasantly surprised with the fit of the bikini.  I like it!  I'm such a Hanes kinda girl when it comes to my undies that I didn't think I would like a handmade bikini, but I do.  

On a personal note, I have been taking it easy since my last surgery.  I am happy with the results and so glad to be finished. The only discomfort that remains is some rib soreness, as well as tenderness at the skin graft area.  I had a check-up this past Tuesday and all is healing well.  I will go back next week too.  I think some sutures will be removed.  I'm looking forward to getting out of bandages so I can wear my new bra!

Thank you for your prayers!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jalie Yoga Pant with Dolman Top

Jalie Yoga Pant (3022)
Size L
Added 1 inch to length

Jalie Dolman Top (3352)
Size L

LOVE these Jalie Yoga pants!!  Could there be a better drafted pattern, I don't think so.
These fit my daughter so well.  I cannot wait to try this pattern out for myself.  

I used my serger and top stitched the seams with my sewing machine.  It looked like I was getting a little wave of fabric with my top stitching, but this pressed out with the iron.  I tried it on scrap fabric first before assembling the pants.

The fabric is actually from a pair of pants that I had bought from Hanna Andersson a couple of years ago.  The fabric is an amazing cotton spandex that is mid to heavy weight.  I cut the waistband off and then cut right through all the seams on the legs so I had individual pieces.  I pressed them and then cut out the pattern.  If she would have been in one size larger, I wouldn't have had enough room to cut them out.  There wasn't enough of the fabric to cut out a waistband, so I used a black cotton spandex that I had in my stash.  I actually like the look.  I used a light gray thread for all top stitching.

I think it is well worth the effort and time it takes for the top stitching.  It looks amazing on.

I just made this top for myself.  I thought it would compliment the yoga pant well and it does. I used a gray rib knit for the neckband.  I zig zagged the neckband flat, as well as the arm and shirt hems.  For kids clothes, sometimes I just like to do what is quick and easy.   

Since the top fabric is so light and drapey, I decided to sew it completely by sewing machine according to Jalie's sewing instructions (zig zag and then a straight stitch).  I was afraid serging with 4 threads would add too much bulk and weight to the seams.  Do you ever experience that?  It really doesn't take long.  Longer than the serger, but not by much because when you are doing the straight stitch, the fabric is already sewn together with the zig zag so you aren't removing pins and just zipping through it now.

I had to get one more sewing project in before surgery.  It helps keep my mind off of things.  I also stitched up a Watson bra this week out of some cotton jersey knit.  It is a great fit!   I used some white mesh for the lining and at the band.  It is a little on the stretchy side, but I expected that.  However, it is a wearable muslin and a comfy bra to wear around the house!  I'm excited to make it again in more bra-type fabrics.  I have some pretty mesh, powernet and piping elastics on the way.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jalie Dolman Top

Jalie Dolman Top
Size R
Fabric: Charcoal Gray Black Stripe Solid Two Sided Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric
purchased from Girl Charlee

This fabric is amazing!  It is very soft and warm and kind of thick since it is made of 2 layers of fabric--stripes and a solid.  I am really happy with this top.  There are 4 pattern pieces.  I love the neckline, which seems to be a perfect shape and depth for me.

I like the lower back too!

I made the Collette Mabel skirt, version 1.  It is made from the same fabric as the shirt.  I decided to use the striped side for the waistband for interest even though it won't be seen by anyone.

This skirt had so much static electricity in it and was clinging to my legs terribly.  I hope I'll be able to wear it.  Maybe I need to make a short slip to wear underneath my knit skirts during the winter.

The back side has a seam down the middle, which I do like.

The skirt is okay to me.  I haven't made the other versions, but I will eventually.   I was on the fence about purchasing the pattern, but having a knit skirt with a kick pleat appealed to me since I don't have anything like that I can make.  I just didn't feel like making it yet.  ha ha  This is definitely a good pattern for beginners...super simple.

This outfit took me only 2 hours to sew up!  That doesn't include tracing and cutting time.  I did that the day before.  This outfit cost me $14 for 2 yards and I still have a little left over.

I also made a Mabel in the fabric that was left over from my daughter's jacket.  I don't have a single top to match it though.

On a personal note, I have surgery next week for the final phase of my breast reconstruction.  I'm so glad to finally have it finished.  This makes surgery #5.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

McCall's Jacket & Skirt

McCall's 7044
Skirt, Size 8
Ponte de Roma Knit

McCall's 7042
Jacket, View C with tie, Size 12
Ponte de Roma Knit

it looks uneven at the seam, but that is because of the way it is tied

This skirt is so easy and quick to make.  There are only 2 pattern pieces, the skirt and the waistband.  The pattern cover is a little deceiving.  It looks like the skirt is very short, so I added 2 inches.  Once my daughter tried it on, I had to shorten it, removing the 2 inches I added!  It was down to her knees and this was a size 8!  My daughter has long legs too.  She has a tiny waist, putting her in a size 8, but I felt certain that it needed to be lengthened.  So, if you make this up, no worries, it is not a mini.

The jacket takes a little time to make.  My daughter loves the peplum.  

I decided to add the tie instead of the frog closure so I wouldn't have to go buy one and I had plenty of fabric since I was working with a 2 yard piece.  This jacket only took 1.25 yards of fabric--nice!  However, it is not lined.  I don't want to have to line a jacket for my kids since they will most likely only wear it for one season, but the way the collar is, I wasn't happy with catching a glimpse of the seam allowance.  I worked hard on this darn collar and feel it could have been better, but I don't know what would have made it lay better and smoother.  You sew it to the jacket with the interfaced side down.  I did tack the bottom edge where the collar is very narrow to try to keep it in place.  I added a seam binding to the inside collar seam to hide it.  It is much nicer to catch a glimpse of some pretty lace than a seam.  I couldn't find any thread remotely close to this coral color.  I received a Gutermann thread cabinet for Christmas too, but nothing looked close.  The only matching thread I had was a cheapo spool from years past.  Oh my.  It is not fun to sew with old, cheap thread.  I used it for top stitching only.  Good quality thread really makes a difference.  

I could have gone with a size 10.  Before I cut it out, I threw the sleeve pattern on my daughter and thought 12 would be best.  Now she has a little growing room.  She wants more of these jackets, so I will have time to perfect the collar.  There are a couple different versions to this jacket and the pattern also includes a legging pattern (not used for this outfit).  I made the camisole top she is wearing underneath the jacket as well as the leggings.

With the leftover fabric from the jacket, I was able to cut myself out the Collette Mabel skirt!

Fabric purchased from Girl Charlee

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley

Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Favorites of 2014 & My Misses

Happy New Year!  

Here are my favorite makes of 2014

I have several pairs of these shorts now.  They are the best fitting shorts I have ever made or bought.

I love this dress.  I is quick and easy to make and so comfortable to wear.  A definite winner for summer.

When I wore jeans, I almost always grabbed this top to wear with them.  It takes a little time to make, but one of my favorite tops to wear.

I have made a few of these tops for my daughter now.  She loves them and I do too.  They are very RTW looking.

An easy dress to make.  I wore this one a lot over the summer.

I have made about 4 pairs of these leggings for myself and a couple pair for one of my aunts.  I wear this set a lot because I love the print of the sweater knit.

My daughter loves this dress!  It is an easy Ottobre make and can be personalized with a theme if you want.

Favorite dress to date!  Easy to make, fits well, and looks great!

I've made these pants about 3 times now--a definite winner!  It is my go-to-pattern pants pattern for my son.  He likes the jersey to layer over tank tops.


Loved this outfit!  My daughter only wears the shirt.  Not a total miss I guess.

The fit was perfect!  However, my son never wears these.  Maybe the fabric?  He is so supportive of my sewing and wears nearly everything I make.  He would never tell me why he doesn't like something because he wouldn't want to hurt my feelings.  I can only tell if he doesn't like something by how much or how little it gets worn.  My girls, that is a different story.  They will tell me as soon as they put something on exactly what they think of it! ha ha  

I thought this was super cute and my daughter loved the fabric.  This never got worn.

At no fault of the pattern, I just don't like the fit on me.  I might go back and try to get the fit I want, but there are so many other patterns calling my name.  I prefer the fit of the Jaime jean for me.

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment.  I really enjoy being part of an online sewing community!  It is so exciting to be able to share my makes and get feedback and I especially love seeing what others make.  I love to inspire others and be inspired by what you have made.

Here's to a great year!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ottobre Kids Sewing

Ottobre 1/2012
#31 Cheveyo Cargo Sweatpants
Size 152

 Fabric:  Lightweight Sweatshirt Fleece in Navy (

Here is a pair of sweatpants I made for my son!  I'm pleased with the fit and the most important thing is he likes them!  

Since I don't have a flatlock stitch (for sewing the waistband area, which is just basically turning down the fabric to the inside), I just used a stitch I thought would look nice.  It did get a little hung up where the pocket seams are since there are multiple layers of fabric to sew over.  Not a big deal and not really noticeable once wearing.

Per my son's request, I did all the top stitching in silver thread.  I especially like the top stitching lines for the faux fly.  I used a triple stitch there.  There are two small buttonholes at the front waist to pull a drawstring through.  I found some at my local fabric store in a large variety of colors!  I'm so happy to not have to make my own anymore.

These pants have pockets at the hip and also cargo pockets on the side of the leg.  With the exception of the cargo pockets, these pants sew up quickly.

Even though you can't see it here, I did triple stitch the hem, which looks really nice.  I kept them a little long for growing room.  I told him to just turn them up if he needs to when he doesn't have any shoes on.

I'd like to make these again in a heavier weight fabric.  I didn't pay attention to the "lightweight" in the fabric description.  They are fine, but probably not very warm to be wearing with snow.  However, they make a great pant for lounging around in.

Ottobre 4/2013
#32 Remainder Velour Pants
Size 128 with an extra inch added to the length
Ottobre Creative Workshop 301
Size 134

Fabric:  Brown velour and a striped sweater knit from my stash

If you don't have the Ottobre Creative Workshop 301 pattern, it is a nice t-shirt pattern to have.  I've made this a few times.  However, this time my daughter kept pulling at the neckline.  I cut off the neckband at the seam and then scooped out the lower front neck by an inch and put another band on.  I'll have to go back later and make this adjustment on the pattern.  I just folded the front of the shirt in half and "fingers crossed" made the cut. ha ha  Fixing things is not my favorite.  I'd almost rather make something from the start then have to work on it after it is finished--silly, I know.

For a little interest, I changed the direction of the stripes and added a band at the end of the sleeve.

I also added a band at the waist.  I found trying to hem this sweater knit difficult.  I started to, realized what a pain it would be, took it off the machine, chopped it off, cut a band and sewed it on with my serger.  Easy!

I've made these pants before here.  They weren't really a favorite of my daughters then, but she has since grown fonder of the style.  I think because she has grown into the size where they fit a little better on her.  I omitted the drawstring since she doesn't like them.  Anything with a drawstring, including store-bought dresses. will be cut off by her!  That's fine.  It saves time without the added button holes.

Fun puppy fabric for the pocket linings.

Thanks for stoppying by ~ Shirley

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Victory Pattern--Lola Dress

Victory Pattern--Lola Dress
Size 2
Alterations:  Shortened skirt pieces by 2 inches

This is actually my 2nd attempt at the Lola Dress; my first version is here.  This time things went much better with a different fabric type!  

I love this dress.  So far, this has to be my favorite knit dress I have made.   It makes up into such a nice and tailored fit due to the princess seams.

After you get your pieces cut out, it really sews up quickly since all can be assembled by serger if you have one.  I do recommend basting your bodice to the skirt first to make sure that your seams are all lined up.  With such a busy print, it may not be as noticeable if I was off here, but a solid fabric definitely would be glaring at you.

I trimmed my pockets in a stretch faux leather, the same fabric I used for my leggings.  To do so, I trimmed an inch off the top of the pocket and cut my leather trim in strips of a 2.5 inch width.  

For the "triangle" shaped piece at the neckline, I also cut it from the faux leather, but I used the back side so the black would be more muted than shiny.  If you look closely, it actually looks like that piece is off center, but it is not.  The triangle falls right in an area of the fabric that has little black triangle points, so it makes it look like it is off center.  Oh well.  

Fabric from Girl Charlee:
Black abstract shapes on cream ponte de roma knit & black stretch faux leather
Ribbing purchased from (I had some scraps left over from my son's jacket)

I have been sewing up some leggings and other clothing for my children, as well as crafting.  I just celebrated my 47th birthday, so I couldn't let this week pass without a new outfit for myself!

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  I'm excited for Christmas break to come; I love the extra family time.

Thank you for stopping by ~ Shirley