Thursday, March 29, 2012

Modkid Swimsuit Pattern

I am extremely happy with the results of this pattern.  The most challenging part was sewing the foldover elastic to the lycra fabric.  I actually missed catching the fabric a couple of times and had to go back and pull out a few stitches so I could slip it back in and resew, which wasn't really a problem.  I decided to use the FOE for trim on the bottom of the tankini and skort to make it easier on myself for the hem since I do not have a coverstitch machine.  This can be done on a regular sewing machine using a twin stretch needle, but I also liked the color of the FOE and thought it would be a nice addition.  After I finished the tankini, the skort sewed up together very quickly.  I will definitely be making more for my girls since they love them.  I purchased both fabric and FOE thru


  1. This looks like a great suit! I think I need to give it a try for my daughter.

  2. Christine, I've made a second one now and it went together faster and easier this time! I LOVE this swimsuit. I discovered that you really need to pin the FOE all along the way (just like Patty shows in the illustrations in her book). I didn't have any issues with my fabric slipping on me this time. :)

  3. Your swimsuit turned out adorable, Shirley Ann. Thanks so much for the review. I love how you used the FOE to bind the hems of the tankini and skort. It adds a special touch. :) Oh, and a little secret: I had the same issue with the FOE slipping off the swimsuit lycra the first time I tried this. I think it's because the fabric is so slippery and the FOE is so narrow. Pinning like crazy and sewing slowly did the trick for me! :)


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