Friday, May 18, 2012

Simple Things "A Pretty Good Bag" pattern

This is my version of Simple Things' PDF pattern "A Pretty Good Bag."  I actually won this pattern last week--hurray!!

I really like this bag.  As you can see, I'm ready to hit the pool...magazine in one pocket, sunscreen in the other, and towel in the bag.  This was my first PDF pattern ever, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  Let me to you, it's quite simple.  You download the pattern, print it, line up corresponding circles, tape it, and there you have your pattern.  I lined my bag with white batiste, which I also laminated with Heat n Bond iron on vinyl.  That was a little something  extra I chose to do (not part of the pattern instructions) so I could put a wet towel in the bag if necessary.  It was a first for me to do that as well, and it proved to be very easy.  Thank you Simple Things for this opportunity to showcase your "Pretty Good Bag!"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sew Serendipity

I'm so excited about Kay Whitt's (Sew Serendipity) new patterns!!  I cannot wait to make me dresses from her summer patterns.  You know I'll be posting them here as soon as I can get my hands on some awesome fabric to make them in. :)

5/21--Working on my Bebe dress now!  I went to the site recommended by Kay on how to make a full bust adjustment--oh my gosh...this works!  It was extremely simple and only took a couple of minutes.  I'm working on my muslin for this.  It's a good thing because I would have wasted my fabric.
5/24--I realized that by making the full bust adjustment, the new length on my bodice was actually too long.  I compared my muslin to the pattern's front photo (the version I am making), and my seam was much lower.  Everything else seems to be right.  I put my pattern piece on top of the tissue pattern and made my length to be exactly the same. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Repurposed dress

Here is a dress that was an adult small that I altered to fit my 8-year-old daughter.  For the record, I did not know there was a skull on the dress print until after I bought it!  I still love the peace-theme of the dress though.  This was actually pretty easy to alter.  I cut the straps off where they were sewn to the back side.  I had her try the dress on and then pinned the straps to fit her.  Next, I took a piece of 1/4" elastic and ran it thru the top back part of the dress from side seam to side seam.  I realized that the dress still needed to be gathered about mid back.  I used a piece of white bias tape and sewed it about 4" down from the top bodice back, ran a piece of elastic thru that, securing it at the ends.  I cut about 4" off the bottom and rehemmed it.  If you have daughters, don't give away those sundresses that no longer fit you or that you grow tired of wearing.  Some of your dresses can easily be altered just by resizing the straps and hemming.  Another option is to cut off the bodice and make it into a skirt.  It's amazing what a little elastic will do!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Modkid's A-line gored skirt & Mondrian shirt

Love this pattern! This is one of the outfits in the "Sewing Modkid Style" book.  This is also my first project hemmed with my new Janome Coverpro.  I cannot believe how quick this little outfit sewed up.  I followed Patty's instructions completely, and everything went together flawlessly...except for the fact that I made the skirt one size too big--yikes.  My daughter was at school and I thought the size 8/9 would fit her best, which I based solely on her height since she was not home for me to measure her hips; I was wrong.  I was also impatient, obviously, and wanted to make it then and there.  So, I took apart the waistband at the side seams and took the skirt and the waistband in another 1/2" on both sides.  You probably can't tell from the pic, but the side gores are a little narrower.  I really didn't want to take the whole skirt apart and figured most people won't know by looking at it.  I just wanted to share this because I think it's good to know that no matter how well we sew, we all make mistakes from time to time.  It gives us experience at altering, right?  ;)  

I wish I could have added a light solid blue color to the right middle block piece, but this was all the matching fabric I had on hand.  Oh how I would love to just have bolts of all of Patty's fabrics in my sewing room. 

I really need to take the time and measure my children and WRITE IT DOWN.  Instead, I measure them every time I make something.  I learned my lesson and that will not happen least I hope not.

In summary, this outfit is SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE to make.  How can something this cute be so easy?? :)