Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fabric Banner Tutorial

MATERIALS:  1 yard of fabric, 1 package of double fold bias tape, a home-made template, chalk/pencil, and scissors.

STEP ONE:  First you will need to make a template for your banner triangles. This can easily be accomplished by marking the midpoint of the bottom of an 8-1/2" x 11" piece of paper.  Next, take your ruler and line up your mark with each corner above. You can transfer this to a sturdier template by using cardstock, cardboard, or as I have done, a piece of templar.

STEP TWO: Fold your 1-yard fabric piece, right sides matching and selvages together. Next, iron out any wrinkles. Trace your triangles using your template. I like to use chalk to do this. To maximize space, flip your triangle over each time, lining its edge up with the last triangle made. This makes it very quick and easy to cut out! You will be able to make 2 horizontal rows. Cut out your triangles and sew them together right sides facing with a 1/4" seam, leaving the top open for turning. Trim the seam allowance at the point so it won't be bulky.

STEP THREE: Press your seams BEFORE you press your triangles flat.  Doing this little step makes your seams crease evenly. I am using my Tailor Board to do this.  If you aren't familiar with a Tailor Board, it makes pressing narrow seams and other smaller surfaces much easier.  I purchased mine thru Nancy's Notions. 

I like to clean up my edges a little with my ruler and rotary cutter.

STEP FOUR: Topstitch around your triangle 1/4" on the sides and 1/8" across the top. 

STEP FIVE:  Begin with 5" of your double fold bias tape, running a straight stitch seam to keep the folded edges together.  Next, place your first triangle between the open double fold, sewing slowly along the edge, encasing your triangle.  You can use pins or just hold in place with your fingers.

I spaced my triangles about 1/2" apart. Once you get to the end of one triangle edge, leave your needle down, raise your pressor foot, and then place your next triangle between the open fold of your bias tape. Use the tip of your pressor foot as a guide for beginning placement of your next triangle. You can put them as close or as far apart as you like. This placement works well for the amount of bias tape in one package.

FINAL STEP: Be sure to leave yourself about 5 inches of bias tape at the end of your banner. Make a loop at each end and secure it with a few stitches. One yard of fabric will make 14 triangles, and your banner will measure approximately 9-1/2 feet long. 

These make great decorations for any room!

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