Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Look 6961 Dress

Here is version C of New Look pattern 6961.  I made this dress in a size 7 with the length of an 8 for my daughter.   I decided to add a sash, which was not part of the pattern.  I just cut a 6" strip the width of the fabric, sewed it up the side, pressing flat with the seam in the middle back, and knotting the ends.  I did a few zig-zag stiches to secure it to the dress.

The pattern called for narrow hems on the bottom of each ruffle.  I decided just to turn them under 5/8" and hem with my coverstitch machine.  Jersey is a little fussy to work with, and there is quite a bit of fabric to work with on each of these ruffles!  This was definitely a time saver for me.

This was my first "V-neck" with stretch knit.  I just knew I would be picking my stitches out, but I got it on the first try.  I just basted and worked painfully slow with it and that definitely worked for me.

I really think this is a cute, light-weight dress for summer.  The leggings are from Old Navy.  I have made leggings, but with Old Navy sales and coupon codes, it's just easier to buy them and devote my sewing time to actual outfits instead.  I can tell that my daughter likes this already.  It's just an easy-to-wear kind of dress!

I'm not sure if you can tell by the picture or not, but there is a little pink in the "Roxy" fabric.  We had to choose from my small stash pile of fabrics, and the pink and white stripes seemed like the best option.  I like it!  I purchased these jersey knits from Girl Charlee fabrics (great prices on knits).


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    1. Thank you Penny for letting me know! One of the most challenging areas of sewing I experience is knowing what fabrics to combine.

  2. What a sweet girl's dress. I'm sure your daughter is going to wear it a lot.

  3. That is very cute. Isn't it fun to sew for your daughter?

  4. This is really cute Shirley. It looks like you bought it in a trendy boutique!

  5. That is so cute and stylish! Love it!


  6. Awesome............Cute!!! Thanks for sharing such a great idea.


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