Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ruffled Jersey Knit Skirt Tutorial

Let's get started!
I used an adult size small tank here.  Whether you use this style shirt or a regular t-shirt, cut right below the sleeve seam.

Next, cut right up the side of the shirt.  This particular shirt did not have a seam on the side, but was tube shaped.
Take your jersey knit fabric and cut in 3" strips the width of the fabric.  This fabric has a directional print, so I want to be sure to have the words hanging the right direction on the skirt!
With chalk or marking tool, make your first line at the "top" of your hem line of your shirt.  Then, make a line every 1.5 inches until you have nine marks (a placement line for each ruffle).
Sew 2 basting lines to gather the top of your ruffle.  The first basting line I sew 1/4 inch from the seam and the next one I make between the line of stitching and the edge of fabric.
I gave my shirt a good pull on both sides where flat it measures about 35 inches across.  Gather your first ruffle making sure your ends are right on the measurement line.  You need to be accurate so your ruffles will line up when you sew your fabric together at the sides.  Even out your gathering stitches.
 Pin in place, working from bottom up.
I use a small ruler to make sure I'm keeping each ruffle where it falls about 1/2" below the gathering stitches of the ruffle beneath it.
 Sew each ruffle to your shirt fabric with a large zigzag stitch.
After all ruffles are attached, BASTE your ruffle edges down each side.  You can use 9 ruffles, more or less...it's up to you. 
Sew right sides together.  After you are finished attaching your ruffles, cut off the excess fabric at the top, leaving just enough fabric to sew a couple of basting lines to gather your skirt to your waistband. If you cut your fabric right at the top of your first ruffle, it is really hard to pull those gathering stitches thru all that bulk of fabric.Attach a yoga-style waistband to the top.  Here is a tutorial by Modkid's Patty Young that I found online at the Sew Mama Sew Blog.  Yoga Band
The fabric I used for this tutorial was not as stretchy as the purple/floral skirt I made on the left.  Make sure that you get a jersey that has a good stretch.  It is softer and the bottom ends curl a little, which I like for this skirt.  I had to use a different pink fabric for the top of this skirt because it didn't have as much stretch.  My daughter chose this fabric, so I thought I would use it for this tutorial to see how it would work.  Oh, and I bought the "cheer" fabric on clearance for $1.95 a yard at Fabric.com.  So, this skirt was cheaply made considering I made it with 1 yard of fabric and an old t-shirt.  Hurray!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!  It's so easy to leave out something when you are typing up a tutorial. 


  1. Those ruffle skirts are so cute. I'll bet your daughter loves wearing them.

    1. Thank you! Yes, my girls really like them. I made one for my other daughter in a mint green fabric that has these little sparkle things glued to the fabric. I have to be careful because sometimes I make them so many skirts that they all don't get worn before they grow out of them! LOL

  2. I love ruffles on skirts and dresses. Both skirts look great, but I especially like the pink one.


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