Friday, September 28, 2012

Do you have the time?

Here is another Imke shirt, which is one of the patterns in the Sewing Clothes kids Love book.  I love this timepiece fabric that I found online at Girl Charlee fabrics.  It is a nice thick knit fabric.  I am always looking for unique-style fabrics to make my son's shirts out of, and this is definitely a winner for him!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jalie 2908

I love the Jalie jeans pattern!  Here is another pair I made for my daughter in a patchwork stretch denim fabric I bought from Denver Fabrics online.  See her first pair and review here.

This time I straightened the leg a little so they weren't so flared at the bottom.  In order to do this, I placed a ruler flush at the notch, which is midway, and drew a chalk line down to about 1 inch in from one side of the bottom edges.  Then I folded the leg in half, pinned them together, and cut on my chalk line.  I did this to both front and back leg pieces.  I actually decided to do this after I had already cut the fabric out from the pattern.  My daughter said she would like me to buy another pattern with a straighter problem, I can just make that little alteration myself!  I just held them up to a pair of RTW jeans she had so I could get a comparable size.  It worked like a charm.  They are still roomy at the ankle, but not bootcut like the pattern.  I love the bootcut myself, but it is nice to have a straighter leg too.

I love how my topstitching thread matched so well to the other thread in the denim.

No topstitching on the pockets this time; the fabric is busy enough!  I find this part of the jean assembly the most challenging...lining up the pockets on the backside pant.  If they aren't pefect, once you sew your back legs together, you can immediately see the imperfection of placement.  I take my time here and pin my pockets and then put my backside pieces together to make sure the pockets are EXACTLY in the same place.  Don't rush this because you don't want to have to remove all that stitching to correct your mistake.  I also interface the pockets; it's so much easier to sew them on without dealing with the stretch.

I have this same fabric in tan, so I will be working on my jeans very soon.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jalie Top 2682

What a great little wardrobe builder the Jalie 2682 top is!  I made this in size K for my daughter, which only takes 1 yard of fabric--what an inexpensive top this is to make!  I tried to match up the stripes the best I could by placing them at the same color stripes at corresponding notches in the pattern.  The front bodice pattern piece is cut twice, which makes up the right side and left side of the top front.  This is the only place where the stripes were completely off...go figure.  I will watch for this a little more closely on the next one I make.  
I assembled this top using my sewing machine, serger, and coverstitch machine.

As soon as I made this top, my daughter paired this with her Crafty Mamas funky pant I had already made her.  It feels really good to make an entire outfit that will be regularly worn. 
I purchased the knit fabric from Girl Charlee, which is becoming my shopping destination for knits.  They have the best variety for the best prices.  Everything I have bought from them is such a good quality knit!
I'm becoming a huge fan of the Jalie pattern company.  This pattern is from a size 2 to 22.  There is a sleeveless option, as well as a zippered top option.  I'm anxious to make this in a fleece with zipper for winter. 
Here is one I made for my other daughter today (9/20/12)  This one is a size L.  In this size, it dropped the v-neck a little lower on her, so she wore it with a tank top underneath.  Next time I will bring the v-neck up an inch so she can wear it without the extra shirt.  Still, it looks great layered.
 Both fabrics are a knit, but look how different the top looks with just a change in print! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

My Jalie Jeans

This is my Jalie Jean 2908.  There are so many fabulous reviews out there, and here is one more.  If you are debating on making yourself a pair of jeans, you must try these out.  The fit is perfect.  Unlike many reviews I read, I DID cut my waistband on the bias.  The only alteration I made was two small little darts on the back yoke to fix the tiny gap at my backside.

I can't say that I have ever had a better fit, even with RTW jeans.  I'm so excited about this pattern.  I cannot wait to make more.  For the first time ever, I will have several pairs of jeans to choose from.  See the pattern here.

I didn't shorten or lengthen these pants; I am 5'1" and I like my jeans a little long on me so I can wear them with boots.  I made the lowrise pattern option, which I feel was a great choice for me.  They seem a little higher than the typical lowrise jean I have purchased in stores, so I like this style of jean much better!

I purchased this stretch denim from It is very lightweight, so I may go with a heavier weight fabric for the winter.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Ottobre 6/2009 #38 "Becky" Nightdress

This is a little nightgown pattern that I found in the June '09 Ottobre magazine.  I chose this for two reasons: (1) my girls needed one and we couldn't find any in the stores that they liked, and (2)  I really wanted to try an easy Ottobre pattern.
This gown has a total of 7 pattern pieces; bodice front, bodice back, skirt (front/back) center panel, skirt side panel, neck band, and arm band.  With Ottobre patterns, you have to trace them from a large pattern sheet that actually has several patterns overlapping one another.  It's kind of neat actually because they have this nice color coding system, making it easy to find your pattern.  You just need a good light overhead to see your lines to trace.  And of course, you do have to add your seam allowances; hem allowances are included. 

I love my Janome Coverpro; it makes hemming a breeze!  I love the professional finished look you get.

I did not follow Ottobre's directions for attaching the binding to the neck and armband areas.  I stayed with a method I was more familiar with.  This gown was made using rayon blend jersey knit splatter multi/white from

This gown was made using stretch ITY knit shadow zebra white/black from

My daughter asked that I put sleeves on this one.  I said, "this pattern doesn't come with a sleeve."  Her response..."just pull a sleeve out from another pattern you have."  She is a fast learner.  I also hemmed the sleeves with fold over elastic.  It was definitely easier to work with a jersey knit, but this had fun results too.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jalie Jeans 2908

Here is my first try with the Jalie Jean 2908 pattern--I love it!!  Have you ever seen the Jalie stretch denim jean pattern?  This pattern starts at a girls size 2 and goes up to a women's size 22.  These jeans have fantastic reviews online, so I gave them a try.  I am anxious to now make a pair for myself.  The pattern is printed on heavy white paper and is very easy to trace.  I love how every instruction has a picture diagram illustration.  If you don't understand the written part, you will surely understand the picture.

Many reviews that I read online suggested to NOT cut the waistband on the bias, so I didn't.    Unfortunately this caused the waist to fit to tight.  Since I had a little extra fabric, I cut out the waistband again on the bias as per the pattern instructions.  I had completely finished the jeans, so I had to take apart the waistband--so much fun...not!  I had to pick out 2 lines of top stitching, as well as the stitching that connected the waistband to the pant.  However,  I'm so glad I took the time to do this because it fits perfectly now.  In reviews I read, which were all for adult-sized jeans, people said that their waistband was too big cutting it on the bias.  Maybe.  All I can say is for the child size, I would do as the pattern indicates.  I'll probably keep to the pattern when I make mine and I'll let you know what happens.

Rivets are pretty easy to put on.  Who knew making jeans could be so easy and so much fun!  I purchased this distressed denim thru  There is a type of black fabric that is on the backside of the holes--pretty distressed huh? LOL