Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jalie 2908

I love the Jalie jeans pattern!  Here is another pair I made for my daughter in a patchwork stretch denim fabric I bought from Denver Fabrics online.  See her first pair and review here.

This time I straightened the leg a little so they weren't so flared at the bottom.  In order to do this, I placed a ruler flush at the notch, which is midway, and drew a chalk line down to about 1 inch in from one side of the bottom edges.  Then I folded the leg in half, pinned them together, and cut on my chalk line.  I did this to both front and back leg pieces.  I actually decided to do this after I had already cut the fabric out from the pattern.  My daughter said she would like me to buy another pattern with a straighter problem, I can just make that little alteration myself!  I just held them up to a pair of RTW jeans she had so I could get a comparable size.  It worked like a charm.  They are still roomy at the ankle, but not bootcut like the pattern.  I love the bootcut myself, but it is nice to have a straighter leg too.

I love how my topstitching thread matched so well to the other thread in the denim.

No topstitching on the pockets this time; the fabric is busy enough!  I find this part of the jean assembly the most challenging...lining up the pockets on the backside pant.  If they aren't pefect, once you sew your back legs together, you can immediately see the imperfection of placement.  I take my time here and pin my pockets and then put my backside pieces together to make sure the pockets are EXACTLY in the same place.  Don't rush this because you don't want to have to remove all that stitching to correct your mistake.  I also interface the pockets; it's so much easier to sew them on without dealing with the stretch.

I have this same fabric in tan, so I will be working on my jeans very soon.

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  1. They look great! You are a jeans-making machine! ;)

    1. Thanks! I feel like a sewing machine these days. My kids keep telling me the next thing they want me to make them; no rest for me! It is fun to make something you know fits well though. It takes a lot of the stress out and it's just fun then. I always would just make something once and then move on to another pattern, never knowing for sure the outcome.


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