Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jalie Scarf-Collar Top

Here is my Jalie Scarf-Collar top.  I posted about this yesterday, but didn't like my picture in it.  I tried to sneak it off really quick, so if you saw it and then it was gone, that's my fault.  I really, really like this top, but don't feel it looks as good on me as I would like it to--even one of my girls said it looked kind of funny on me (I love her honesty!).  You know how you just don't "feel" good in something?  For starters, this fabric looks beautiful but not ideal for this top.  It is too thin!  I would have to wear another shirt underneath it, and then it looks bad when you do.  I am pretty sure I made the right size, so maybe my error is just in fabric type.  This is made from a Cielo stretch rayon blend jersey knit. Next time I will try this top in a different type of jersey, making it for my girls first.  

I feel like I'm in a sewing slump.  This is sewing project #3 that hasn't worked out well.  I made my patchwork jeans but folded my fabric wrong and had the stretch going lengthwise....eek!  They didn't fit obviously.  When they wouldn't go past my thighs, I realized I had made a BIG mistake.  A good amount of hours lost there.  Fortunately Denver Fabrics still had some in stock, which I ordered again and also picked up some black patchwork as well.  Lesson learned.

My second failed project was another top where my stripe/solid combination didn't look right, and now this top.  Oh well.  Moving on.  I'm still working on the quilt.  I can't just work on one long project it seems.  I still have to throw in some clothing as well.  Are any of you like that?  I guess it's like people who love to read, including my son.  It is rare for him to just read one book.  He usually has 2 or 3 going at the same time.  

I love the construction of this top.  The entire shirt rolls up into the collar piece, which you sew all around leaving a small opening to pull the shirt back out...very clever!  You can tie the scarf into a bow too.  I like the look of it just hanging freely.

You leave an opening about an inch down if you make version B or C, and then put the ends of the scarf thru it.

I love everything about this top.  I will definitely try this again but for my girls first.  Getting the right fabric is so important and so challenging sometimes.  If I am successful with it for my girls, then maybe I'll try it again for me.

Jalie has so many beautiful patterns for tops.  I really want to try their hooded shirt and another t-shirt pattern they have.  They have so many patterns that I would like to purchase!  Since they come in a huge range of sizes, if one doesn't work for me, my girls will still benefit from the pattern.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Double Slice Layer Cake Quilt

Here is a quilt project I am working on right now.  I found a tutorial here, which is by the Missouri Star Quilt Co.  Actually, they have many online tutorials. Once I start looking at them, I can't seem to stop!  They just make everything look incredibly easy.  

I'm making three of these, one for each of my children.  I wanted something that would be quick and easy and would not cost a lot of money to make.  I purchased three Santa's Workshop Stackers from (these are 10" squares).  I'm using three different coordinating Santa's Work Shop fabrics for the binding and white muslin for the border and backing fabric. Fortunately I already have some baby-sized quilt batting on hand.  I'm keeping the border narrow to be sure I don't go wider than the size batting I have.  This is just the top piece of the quilt.  These are the perfect size to snuggle up with on the couch during cold months.  I really like this fabric medley.  It is Christmas themed but not so much so that it can't be kept out all winter long.

(I have already started cutting for my second quilt)

After completed, I'm going to let my children use their fabric markers to decorate the backside!  :)  They are really excited about that.  I want this to be a combined Christmas project effort, something that will be a treasure for them to always enjoy.  I will post pictures again once I have finished them!  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crafty Mamas Lovely Layers Top

 Here is my version of the "Lovely Layers" top from Crafty Mamas.

I purchased this as a PDF pattern here.  It is wonderful to be able to buy a pattern, print it out, and begin working on it as soon as you want to!

I chose the pattern size based on my measurements, which was a perfect alterations necessary!

This is a medium-weight knit fabric purchased from Girl Charlee fabrics.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jalie 2682

Here's my Jalie 2682!

I really like this shirt.  I have already made this for each of my girls, and it is a quick and easy project.  I did add 1/2 inch to the bodice front and back to lengthen where the seamline would be.  I needed a little extra length there.

I purchased this fabric from Girl Charlee fabrics.  It is a double-sided fabric, which I had never seen before.  One side is stripes and the other a coordinating solid color.  It was a little time demanding matching up the stripes on the bodice.  I put my fabric pieces right sides together, pinned them, and then flipped my fabric up to make sure my lines were together.  I did the same with the and peak. :)  It took a while but well worth the results.

I love this pattern.  Jalie does a fantastic job at creating patterns that are timeless, functional, and comfortable!  I also love how their patterns come in a huge range of sizes.