Friday, December 21, 2012

Cowl-neck T-shirt with matching pants

Well, I decided to make one more quick outfit before my children were on Christmas vacation.  Here is a cowl-neck t-shirt I made using Ottobre's 301 Creative Design pattern.  I found a cowl-neck tutorial here by "Off the Cuff Sewing Style."  Oh my gosh...this was so easy to do!  I scooped out the neck of the t-shirt pattern.  I cut the cowl neck 18" (the neckline measurement) x 8" (the depth of the collar) using my rotary cutter.  

I can't remember where I bought this knit because it was a while ago.  No one really cared for the color.  However, when I was making the camel-colored funky pant by Crafty Mamas, I then realized this knit would be a perfect match!

This is my last sewing project for a week or so.  Partly because of Christmas, more because it is forced upon me--my washing machine broke today!  I am unable to prewash my fabrics.

Sadly, my attempt at making Ottobre's Jolie dress jumper didn't work well for me.  I got stuck after putting in the invisible zipper.  The next step and the following step just didn't compute.  I tried anyway and ended up with a big frustrating mess.  So, if anyone is successful at making it, please share with me how to proceed after the zipper.  It was turning out so nice.  I should have made it in a muslin first...sigh.  So, this outfit was born out of my failed attempt at the dress jumper.  I had to make something to restore my level of confidence. hahaha

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