Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rainbow Striped Pants w/ matching t-shirt

My daughter has been asking for rainbow pants for months!  Thank you Girl Charlee for getting in some really cool jersey knit fabric!  I didn't work at getting the stripes to line up on these since they are a fun and funky pant.  I used my favorite Crafty Mamas funky pant pattern for these as well.  I have this pattern in the adult size and one of these days I will get around to making myself a pair.

For the shirt, I used Ottobre's Workshop 301 pattern.  I cut a strip of fabric from the pants for the neckband.  I found this really great stitch on my sewing machine to tack down the neckband too.  I cut the neckband at 2 inches and then once it was sewn on, I folded it in half to the inside, covering up the stitches.

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes they are! I wonder if I could pull off wearing a pair? LOL The nice thing about being a child, you can really get away with wearing some fun stuff!

  2. Cuuuuute! Are they pjs or can she wear them outside? She looks adorable!

    1. Hey Kelly! They aren't pjs, but she did wear them to bed last night and then out tonight for dinner LOL. I can really tell when she likes something because she will sleep in it the night I make it.

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