Friday, June 7, 2013

Jersey knit shorts

Yesterday my daughter came home from school and said, "Momma, I need you to make me a pair of shorts for field day tomorrow."  She liked the light blue jersey knit I had, but it was too thin to be worn on its own.  She said, "can you put a lining underneath it?"  :)   So she picked out a cute polka dot fabric she liked as well.  I used my Crafty Mamas funky pant pattern to make a pair of shorts.  Actually, I just ordered about five 1/2-yard pieces from Girl Charlee to make her a bunch of shorts for the summer, so it gave me an opportunity to prepare the pattern for that.

She loves the yoga waistband.  I don't think there will be another type of shorts or pants that she will want for a while since these are so comfortable for her to wear.

Normally I would make these in a cotton lycra so they would have a better stretch recovery.  The jersey is definitely a little more roomy, but it's all about comfort for this girl!  I really like to have my children pick out their fabrics.  More times than not, they put together fabrics that I would not have thought to do, with great results!  After all, I am sewing for them, and they are the ones that will be wearing it.  She couldn't wait to wear her shorts this morning.  She loves how the polka dots peek thru the do I.

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  1. Nice shorts and she is wearing matching nail polish! How cute :)

    1. Thank you! I almost forgot about the nail polish! She painted her fingers last night to match her new shorts. lol

  2. Cute! Love those dots.

  3. Cute! I used to sew for my boys when they were much much younger.....I just started sewing for my granddaughter and loving it!


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