Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Modkid Kimberly Maxi Dress Pattern

I made one of my girls a halter top using the Kimberly Maxi Dress PDF pattern from Modkid.  She has been asking for a halter top for a while.  I want to make dresses for my girls too, but I don't have enough fabric at the moment.  I had some great Lila Tueller fabric in my stash that she was drawn too, and the green for the bodice was some fabric that I picked up locally at the craft store which matched well.  I had bought this fabric for myself, and when I don't get to "my" fabrics, my girls always snag it for themselves.  Of course, it's okay.  I like that we have the same taste in fabrics. 

She has been so use to wearing knits that she is unsure of how she likes this as a top.  I told her to give it a little time to see, plus, a halter top is such a different feel anyway.  This fabric is more of a medium weight fabric, so a lighter one in the future might be more comfortable for this type of top/dress.  

The fabric she chose for the back is my favorite!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


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    1. Thanks Liza! I told her it looks kind of 60s and she thought that was a bad thing. She was happy when I told her it was "in." LOL

  2. Love this top:) I have had some modkid patterns on my to do list for a while now. There just isn't enough hrs in the day to sew all I would like to. Seeing your top does give me some motivation. Too cute!

    1. Thanks Sewing Momma. I really like Modkid patterns. My first go at them was with the book, which has so many options and my girls love all of them. I agree that there isn't enough hours in the day to sew up everything. Everytime I start a project, I have a couple others swirling around in my brain. LOL


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