Monday, September 30, 2013

Farbenmix Imke

The Farbenmix Imke pattern is my "go-to" pattern for my son.  He never tires of this shirt.  This is the first time I have used this pattern with the double sleeve.  My son is a big fan of penguins, so I was really excited when I saw this jersey knit on the Girl Charlee site.  I purchased the solid black knit from Girl Charlee as well.

I used my serger and coverstitch machines for the construction of this shirt.  I also used my sewing machine to baste the sleeves together before sewing them to the shirt.

...lined hood.

...extra length added to shirt and sleeves.  

The other day I was looking at one of my son's RTW shirts and noticed a band sewn underneath the shirt along with the hem, making it look like it was 2 shirts instead of one.  Simple!  I cut a piece of black jersey the circumference of the shirt by 3 inches.  I sewed the short ends together, folded wrong sides together and basted the long edges together.  Next, I lined it up underneath the penguin jersey and used my coverstitch machine to hem/stitch them together at the same time.  I'll be doing this a lot more now with his shirts.  

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Ottobre's Sulka Jersey Dress

I LOVE Ottobre patterns!  Here is the Sulka Jersey dress from 6/2012--#30.  My girls really like the mustache fabric, so I have been wanting to make them some dresses. 

This is the first dress I have ever made where I had to use elastic to gather with.  This is definitely a learning curve for me, but I like how quick it is versus using gathering stitches (if you get it right the first time).  A few times I ran off the elastic and had to back track.  The sleeve seams are also slightly gathered with elastic. The most difficult part of the dress for me was the outer front bodice pieces.  One side had to have elastic sewn in the seam allowance to gather.  When I sewed the inner front bodice piece to the outer front bodice piece, they didn't exactly match up in length.  If I make this dress again, I think I'll just use basting stitches so I can control the gathers a little bit more.  I think that will work for me, but I'm not sure. 

I didn't lengthen or shorten this pattern, and a size 140 fit my daughter perfectly.  I just use their height measurement and so far, everything fits as it should.

I imagine white leggings would look better.  However, if you sew for your children, you know that sometimes you are just happy with them trying it on for photos and go with that.  Once you start asking to coordinate garments with other colored leggings that they aren't currently wearing, you might lose their cooperation for photos! :)

 The bows are really quick and easy to make and add such a nice touch.  I'll keep this in mind for other garments I make in the future.


I have to say I think this is the best neckband I have done so far.  I used Ottobre's math formula to calculate the length and it worked perfectly!  I topstitched the neckband seam allowance down using a long straight stitch which didn't interfere with the garment's ability to stretch over the head.  

This was really a fun dress to make!

I purchased the fabric from Girl Charlee fabrics.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Vogue 1247 Skirt

Here is Vogue's 1247 skirt.  This is the best fitting zippered skirt I have ever made. I especially like the unique front pockets.  All seams are encased in a bias binding made from lining fabric.  It is a little extra work and time, however, I love the neatness it creates.

The skirt is a mini, but I am not very tall and did not make any length alteration.  I sewed a very narrow hem.

It did take me a little time (ripping out of stitches--LOL) to get the seam to line up perfectly when I put in my invisible zipper.  I highly recommend basting this first unless you are experienced at lining up seams.  

I am really happy with my fabric choice.  I used a 6.5 oz Kaufman charcoal denim that I purchased through  It is so light weight and soft against my skin.  I will definitely be making this skirt again in other colors.  I made this in a size 10.

I did attempt the blouse included in this pattern.  However, I did not purchase a good print for the way the shirt was designed.  I got a beautiful geometric fabric, but it was directional.  So, when I assembled the shirt, which has many seams (beautiful design), it made the print look mismatched!  I definitely want to make this top one day.  When I do, I will bring up the neckline as well; it would have been too low on me to wear without another garment underneath.


One of my girls had a growth spurt, so now I need to order about 5 yards of various colored fabric to make her some more Crafty Mamas funky pants.  The more you make of one pattern, the easier it becomes to make those "staple" wardrobe items.  I'd really like to find some RTW pants for her, but so far I have had no luck with that.  Everything, to her, is scratchy and uncomfortable.  Thank heavens for cotton spandex fabric. 

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Sewing Area

This past weekend my husband moved my sewing room into the attic!  We had a lot of space that was not being utilized.  I love the extra room and all the bright light.

I have always enjoyed seeing on other sewing blogs where people do their crafting.  It's fun to be able to get ideas for organizing this way.

I use the bins for all my fabric.

I found some great plastic bins at Ikea to keep my patterns organized in.

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