Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pants recycle to leggings

It is really exciting when you discover a new way to refashion something you already have in your closet.  These are my daughter's new leggings.  If you follow my blog, you already know that she LOVES her Crafty Mamas Funky Pants.  In fact, they are the only pants she will wear other than leggings.  My daughter had a growth spurt, and now I have to make her more pants.  It's too cold to turn them into shorts.  I decided to try to trim them down to make leggings!  No matter how many pairs of leggings you have, it never seems to be enough (especially when they end up being misplaced and you are frantically looking for them the night before school).  

How I did it ~ I took a pair of store bought leggings and layed tracing paper on one of the legs, tracing the shape from the waist down both sides of the leg.  I lined up the inner seam of the pant with the pattern paper and pinned it on her funky pants and cut the outer leg edge to size.  I cut the yoga waistband off the pant legs and then cut it at 2" from the top, keeping the fold.  I took a piece of elastic and sewed the ends together and placed it inside the folded band.  I sewed the outside seams of the leggings.  I still had the inside seams sewn from when they were pants.  Next, I sewed the new band to the top.  I kept the original hem.  The pants had fit everywhere but in length, and it really doesn't matter if leggings are long or cropped.  She did ask for some elastic to be sewn on the bottom.

It's a perfect fit!  These will be great during the winter months because they are a thicker fabric.

This is a different color pant, but this is what the other pair looked like before I cut into them.  

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


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    1. Thanks Kelly! She is so happy with them. I feel like I have struck gold finding another way to accommodate her needs with my sewing. :)

  2. I think I could do this with some badly shaped track pants that I have, allowing extra for the thickness of the fabric. Then I could wear them with a tunic top.

    1. Great idea Pam! I think there are a lot of things that we could do with our clothing to get more use out of them. When I cut into these pants I figured I had nothing to lose because she couldn't wear them anymore anyway! It's a no stress kind of project! :)


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