Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tunic & Dress

I did some more mustache dress/tunic sewing.  I had already made one of my girls a dress, so I was catching up trying to make one for my other daughter.  They LOVE the mustache fabrics.

Ottobre 3/2012
Jungle Stripes Jersey Dress
Size 128
I left the elastic out of the sleeve hem

This dress soon became a "tunic" for her sister.  My other daughter didn't like it.  She said, "it doesn't feel good around the neck."  This is a different neckline than she is accustomed to wearing.  I love the pleats and elastic.  I think it looks adorable.  I tell my children though, if you don't like it, you don't have to wear it.  With sewing, you just don't know until it's on how you are going to like it.  I have made myself many things that never got worn more than once.  That doesn't happen as often now since I have learned by looking at a pattern if it suits my personal criteria of what I want.

I would like to make this in a dress for her as well, but I would need to lengthen it to 170 cm.

Next is the tunic turned dress, which I hoped (fingers crossed) that it would be more to her liking.  It was!

Ottobre 1/2009
Tellervo Jersey Tunic
Size 128 with a length of 170 to make it more of a dress for her

I shortened the sleeves since she didn't want them long.    

I figured out a shortcut on pockets.  I used a new t-shirt that my son never wore.  I lined up the top edge of the  pocket pattern piece with the t-shirt's bottom hem.  All I had to do was turn the remaining edges under and sew.  That was easy!  If you have the space, it really does help to hold on to other items of clothing because you never know when you can incorporate them into your sewing.  I didn't have a white solid fabric and then I looked over and saw this t-shirt that was the perfect bright white to match the mustaches!  Try as I might, there was no way I could get a neckband piece out of it.  I thought about trying to cut away the t-shirt neckband, but it was a double band with a color that didn't really go with the blue of the dress.  That's okay, she loves the bold white pockets...I do too.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


  1. I do like your idea of using t-shirts to make the pockets!!! I have a ton of pre-loved clothing that I'm saving, just because it may come in handy. No room for any more, though!

  2. Thanks Pam! It gets so expensive buying fabric, that I find myself looking more and more at preworn stuff to see what I can do with it. Even getting a pocket out of something helps to save money!

  3. Adorable Shirley! I like those little staches!

    1. Thanks Kelly. I'm really liking these Ottobre designs. Some of them I wonder if I can super size for me! LOL

  4. such cute dresses! I really, really, love the jungle stripes dress pattern. But yes, I also want to sew many cute things but I know K won't wear them :( so sad!

    1. I couldn't believe my daughter said it didn't feel good around her neck! I know she doesn't want a horizontal seam except at the waistline. It was made from jersey, loose and comfy. What? How can that be? LOL So, I said, "what exactly do you want?" Then I complied and she was happy as could be. I wish I had my own personal seamstress--oh wait, that's me!

  5. Both dresses are adorable, and I'm not over mustaches yet! My kids are picky on random things, too - can be frustrating, but it's funny too. To each his own!

    1. Thanks Joy :) Sometimes I think my girls are getting more particular since I have shown them that I can make a variety of things. LOL


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