Saturday, December 7, 2013

Querida with a Puppy!

I finished another coat!  Here is the Farbenmix Querida with an appliqued puppy for my other daughter.  She loves anything to do with puppies, so her applique suits her.

I used an anti pill fleece fabric, lined with flannel, and Warm & White cotton batting in between.  This coat is so cozy, soft, and warm!

Nice and long to help keep her legs warm.  I kept the arms long as well.  It helps when they forget to wear their gloves.  

You can't have a puppy without puppy paws!

Puppy and paws are made from felt.  This time I had to use a darker felt as a background.  The felt I chose for the puppy matched the coat fabric perfectly and blended in completely!  

Now on to making a wool coat for my son!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


  1. Great job Shirley Ann! Your sewing is so professional looking. I think this is too cute. My DD would be envious as she loves puppies too. I am excited to see the wool coat for your son :D

    1. Thanks Kristin! I keep reading over the instructions for my son's coat. I think I understand it, but the lining part may be a little challenging. I hope I can pull it off!

  2. Your girls are going to be so warm in their new coats. Love the paw prints on the pockets.

    1. Pam, I'm so happy with this pattern! I'm definitely getting my moneys worth out of this one. :)


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