Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ottobre "Jolie" Pinafore Dress with T-Shirt

Ottobre 6/2009 #32 Jolie
Size 134


Creative Workshop 301 T-Shirt 
Size 140

This outfit has been on my to-do list again for a very long time.  I tried to make this about a year and a half ago, but had major problems and it ended up in the scrap pile.  My daughter never gave up hope of having this outfit and kept reminding me that she still wanted it.  I'm happy to say it was a success this time!  However, it was very challenging still!  I made it past the point of my struggles the last time--stitching center-back edges of lining to center-back seam allowances on shell.  Sounds simple, right?  Not really.  It took a little looking at to see exactly how to put the fabric pieces together correctly.  I thought it was smooth sailing after that, but I was wrong.  I was really confused on how to sew the neckline together.  I sat on the couch with pins in hand trying to figure it out for what seemed like an hour.  Then I thought, manipulate the fabric to how it will look finished.  Then I found my way to the seam created, and holding tight, pulled it out where I could get to it and then discovered how it was to be sewn.

I made this in a size 134, but for the skirt piece, I traced the length out to a size 158 and hemmed it 1 inch. I like my girls' dresses and skirts to be just above the knee.

And it is fully lined!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY Boy's Athletic Jersey

Here is a athletic jersey I made for my son!  I bought this fabric hoping I would find a pattern that would be suitable.  Then it occurred to me that I already had one--my football jersey!  

I didn't make the shirt underneath.

What I did was pin each section of the jersey to tracing paper.  I then pulled back the jersey to the point of the pins and traced along with a pencil.  Since it needed to be smaller, I put my pins on the inside of the seams and did not add seam allowances.

 This is what my pattern pieces looked like.  I measured the neck opening and used a 2.25" jersey knit for the band.  I did NOT stretch it like I would sewing a stretch knit fabric even though my athletic mesh is stretchy.  I tried it on scrap first and it looked all bunched up.  

Amazingly, this was really easy to do and sewed up quickly.  

 I also made a pair of Ottobre Hi-hat pants (4/08 #33)

My son chose the buttons and top stitching thread.  He chose very well!

This outfit cost just under $30 to make and purchased from

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Two Quilt Blocks

I have completed 2 more squares for my son's American Ships Quilt!  I made myself a New Year's Resolution to try and complete two blocks a month.  I'm obviously behind here.    I read where the backside should be as neat as the front, so I won't be showing that side to you!  However, I am getting better with each new block I complete.  All in all, I am happy with my work.  I didn't learn to sew in one project, so I know that my embroidery skills will develop over time.  I certainly chose a large enough project to learn on!


When I pulled out the compass drawing to trace, I was so happy to see that the quilt is made of of several compasses...I think 8.  These are definitely easier to embroider and will go quicker than the ships.

17th Century French

I gave the fabric a good pressing, but my hoop lines are still visible.  I guess because it was in the hoop for a long while.  I hope these lines will come out.


I had some excitement this weekend!  I won a pattern from Zoe at "So, Zo...What do you know?" blog.  It is a 1940s Tea Dress pattern by Sew Over It.  I first saw this on Zoe's blog when she made it; it was absolutely gorgeous.  I really want to get more into sewing vintage-style garments.  I particularly love the feminine style of the clothing from that era.  


I am currently working on another pair of cargo pocket pants for my son--this time in brown.  I bought more velour fabric to make one of my girls more winter pants.  My other daughter has put in a request for a dress jumper.  Ottobre has a really cute one.  My girls have put little colored tabs all throughout my Ottobre magazines of what they would like me to make.  Most is not what I would have picked out for them--interesting.  Before I make anything from now on, I will definitely check with them first since their tastes are becoming their own.

I've been busy crocheting up hats for the winter.  I absolutely love to crochet!  So, I'm switching back and forth between many crafts. :)

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Girly Tie

My girls have decided for some reason that they would like to accessorize with a tie.  This started at Christmas after seeing my husband put on a tie for a holiday party we went to.  They were so intrigued with how he tied it!  After one lesson, one of my girls became a master at it!  Her sister is always asking her to help her tie her tie, which has forced me to reluctantly learn how to do it as well. LOL  

As cute as it was to see my girls trying to wear their father's ties, I decided enough was enough and started looking for a pattern where I could make a girly tie, something more appropriate for them to wear.  I found this great boy's tie tutorial here.  I did deviate from the pattern.  I did not cut the fabric on the bias, since that would take up too much of my fabric scrap.  This is purely a project for fun, something that is just a passing fancy for them, so the cheapest, quickest, and easiest way for me to accomplish this was my goal!

I cut the underside tie fabric out of the same fabric, sewing right sides together.  I used fusible interfacing that was light weight too.  These really sewed up quickly.


I used fold over elastic on the backside as a way to secure the tie ends together.


My Husband:  "Maybe I should have you make me some ties."  I wonder if there is a pattern out there for men's ties?  I haven't ever bought my husband a tie, but I imagine they could be made cheaper and they really aren't that difficult.


My girls are all about wanting a "school girl-type" uniform.  They want the pleated plaid skirts with a collared shirt, etc.  Fantastic!  I just ordered some fabrics to help put this together for them. :)  My sewing to-do list continues to get longer and longer!

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Mini Penny Pinafore

I love having matching outfits with my girls!
This week I managed to get my girls' mini Pennys done.  I made mine the other week which you can read about here.  Their pattern is much easier and faster to tape together and cut out than the adult version.  The side panel for the front and back are also the same piece.  

This is a black and white ethnic diamond modal cotton spandex knit from Girl Charlee.

Look at that pose!  Somebody pull out the twister game because I think we have a winner!

This is the black and white triangles modal cotton spandex knit from Girl Charlee.  I should have gone up one more size for my daughter here.  It fits, but it won't for long!

This is really a great pattern to have.  My girls are so excited to match with my outfit.

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