Wednesday, March 26, 2014

One More Time--Maritime & Renfrew

It does seem that 3rd time is a charm!  I think I finally have it with my Maritime shorts AND the Renfrew top--hurray!  

This time I went up one size in the top.  With my shorts, I noticed in my previous blog photos how there was a little bit of extra fabric still with my CB seam.  I took care of it and NOW have the fit I am happy with.  Boy is it nice to just pull out a pattern and sew it up, knowing it will fit.  It is time consuming with altering a pattern, but now I see how well spent that time has been.

I purchased a blue and white stripe denim from for the shorts, as well as the blue jersey knit.

I changed my pack pocket style again, and I also made a template so I could iron my seam allowances around it before sewing it together with the backside of my shorts.

I put a single buttonhole and button on the back to keep the pocket closed.  I just wanted this for design and style and not function.

These two patterns are my favorite summer-time patterns so far.  Now having made myself 3 pairs of shorts, I think I'm ready to change up my sewing to something else for next week!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ottobre Summer Basic Top with Maritime Shorts

Ottobre Woman 2/2013
#2 Summer Basic
Size 36
alteration:  Removed 3 inches from bottom

Grainline Maritime Shorts
Size 2
alteration:  Removed 1/2 inch from CB seam

This is my second pair of shorts; my first was in my last post.  I decided to change the pockets on this version, which I love.  I have a pair of RTW shorts that I purchased from Old Navy many years ago, and I really like the style of pockets on them (no lining needed).  I traced over those pockets, making new pattern pieces for my Maritime.

These shorts are perfect.  I love the fit and where the waistband sits on my waist.  You can change up the pockets and create so many different looks with this pattern.  I topstitched these like you would jeans.  I already am planning 2 more pairs in denim.

The summer basic t-shirt by Ottobre is a very easy and quick pattern to sew up.   This would be a great pattern to start with if you are new to tracing and sewing Ottobre patterns.   In the past I have always used size 36 for my tops and dresses, but this blouse has such a wide neckline (LOVE) that it probably would have fit better if I had gone one size down.  I will definitely be tracing out this pattern again in that size.  After putting on my top, it was way too long, so I took it off and removed another 3 inches.  This was after I had already hemmed it.  Oh well.  I just used my rotary cutter and rehemmed it with my coverstitch machine.  One thing that I like to do that makes hemming a breeze, is to always put some knit interfacing at the hemline.  Last Christmas I bought a bolt of knit interfacing when it was on sale.  Now I just cut inch strips to hem my knit tops.  It really makes it lay nice and neat while hemming.

After posting these pictures, I unpicked my CB topstitching and took the seam in more, removing the little excess fabric at the lower back bottom.  NOW, I have that perfect fit I was going for.  I guess it takes some time, but wow, once you have a pattern just right, it is so worth it.  Now I can really go to town making me all colors of shorts for summer!

My shorts are made from micro brushed twill khaki green, purchased from for $4.49 a yard!  I love picking up fabric on sale. I bought 4 yards so I can make my son another pair of pants and probably a skirt for myself.  Since these shorts only take a yard, that makes them very affordable to sew.  I did have to purchase a zipper and buttons, but that was just a couple dollars more.  The knit fabric was from my stash from a while ago, but I believe it was a yard I had picked up from Girl Charlee on sale too.  It sat in my stash because it was only a yard and it never really matched anything...until this green khaki I bought.  Don't you love when that unexpected fabric color match happens?

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley

Monday, March 10, 2014

Renfrew Top with Maritime Shorts

I finally got my Sewaholic Renfrew Top pattern!  My favorite feature of this pattern is the neckline; I really do think it is the perfect shape.  I also like the sleeve and bottom hem bands, but probably will just lengthen those areas if I am not color-blocking my shirt.  It does make for an easy sew though.

My shirt is a little snug; the knit I used is not very stretchy.  I should have thought about this and gone up a size.  Oh well.

I actually made up these shorts a little over a week ago.  I have worn them a couple of times and LOVE them.  To get my perfect fit, I did make a muslin first which I almost never do.  I noticed a gap at the back waist, which was easy to fix.  I took about 1/2 inch off the center back.  I also added 1 inch to the length of the shorts.  I know I could probably go down one size in the leg area, but I like the fit how they are--comfy! I made them from a linen blend that I purchased from last summer.

Pockets on the front.

Pockets on the back.

I covered a button in the same fabric. I didn't have a button on hand that would match.  I also made a blind hem so my stitches wouldn't be as obvious.

These shorts are so comfortable I will just wear them around the house instead of changing into my "comfy" clothes once home! LOL

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pleated Skirt with Buttoned Blouse

Ottobre 6/2012
#32 Jenkka Skirt
Size 128

Ottobre 1/2014
#31 Roses and Dots Blouse
Size 134

I'm so happy to be sewing for summer again!  My daughter requested this outfit about a month ago.  She wanted a pleated skirt with a pretty top to match.  Ottobre always seems to have the perfect apparel, no matter what your needs are.  

This blouse is adorable!  I love the little tucks at the top.  It is just so delicate and pretty.  I used's classic seersucker in white.  

The pleated skirt is made from's uniform plaid in Navy/Gray.  It is lined with China Silk polyester lining and also has an invisible zipper on the left side.  

I enjoyed sewing some non-stretchy fabric for a change.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley

Sunday, March 2, 2014

T-Shirt with Lace Sleeves

About a month ago, one of my girls asked if I could make her a t-shirt with lace sleeves.  She had seen one online at a retail store.  I used Ottobre's Tellervo t-shirt pattern from  the 1/09 issue.  I cut the sleeves and added seam allowances.  I also cut the t-shirt body and added seam allowances as well.

I used French seams for the sleeves since the lace is sheer and I wanted a neat finish.  This meant setting the sleeves in after the shirt was constructed.  I also added a black knit cuff at the wrist to protect the lace better.  The lace has tiny black hearts on it.

I covered her Miche bag with a remnant of the t-shirt fabric.

Ruffle knit was an easy addition to the shirt and a bonus of not having to do a hem!

It is so much fun to deviate from a pattern and make something all your own!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley