Saturday, May 10, 2014

Button Up Shirt with Cargo Pocket Skirt

Ottobre Woman 2/2013
Buttondown Sleeveless Blouse #3
Size 36
Alteration:  Shortened top approximately 5"

This is a great summer blouse!  There are 7 pattern pieces in all and only took 1 yard of fabric for my size.  Love it when I can make something out of only a yard of fabric--talk about keeping the cost down!  Since I'm only 5'1, patterns do run a little on the long side for me, so taking 5" off the bottom made for a better fit.  In doing so, I was also able to eliminate the need for the 8th button.  I'm not certain what type of fabric this is, but it is a lovely, light weight quality cotton given to me by a wonderful friend of mine!  The instructions were easy to follow and this pattern sews up quickly.

I love the back yoke of this shirt.  You can easily use lace here.  I thought about it but didn't have the right color lace that would have matched the fabric.

When I am sewing my collar stand to the neckline, I skip the area where there is a curve and just sew the long straight area.  Then I put the collar stand pieces together and baste the two, starting just to the edge of the shirt.  I turn it right side out and make sure that the collar stand is of equal height on both sides of the shirt and then sew it with a regular stitch.  Basically the method of doing that edge of a the top first and then complete the edge last.

Any tips on how to get the button placement correct on the first try?  I always seem to struggle with this.  The bottom edge of my shirt is just slightly off.

Burda Style
Skirt #135
Size 34
Alteration:  Did not add hem allowance to skirt and removed 1/2" from length
Fabric:  Twill

I came across this skirt pattern when I was looking for something to make to match the above shirt!  Nothing technical to sew.  This skirt consists of 6 pattern pieces; however, the 3 facing pieces are incorporated into the skirt pieces which need to be traced separately.  There are instructions for the dimensions to cut out the cargo pockets and flaps.  This pattern does call for an invisible zipper on the left, joining the side seam to the back skirt.  Burda suggests a wool fabric for this pattern, so I figured a twill would work equally as well.  I wanted something with a casual look and feel.

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  1. Both pieces look really nice! The shirt is awesome! Very summery! My buttons aren't always perfect either, but I figure I'm the only one who will know. :)

    1. Thanks Kelly! Glad to hear it isn't just me with the buttons! I even just sort of basted them in place, all looked good, sewed them down so they will NEVER fall off, and then wham...the facings aren't exactly even. Boo hoo. Oh well. LOL

  2. Great outfit! I love that top. I keep flipping to it in the magazine and wondering why I don't just make it already :)
    The only trick I have with the buttons is that I make all the holes first and then I lay that "holed" piece over the other side (the non holed button side) and mark each button hole with my pen. Then I sew the buttons on those markings. I don't know if this is right, but it works for me :)
    Your skirt is great too. I like that it can be casual but not too casual :D

    1. Kristin, do you center the button between the starting and stopping point of the buttonhole? One time I saw a pattern that actually had the button placement marked and it was towards the high end of the button, which made me wonder if I am doing it wrong. I tried it that way with this top and didn't have great success.

    2. Hmm. Now that you say that, it does sort of make sense because the button will settle to the top of the hole. I just always put them in the middle of the buttonhole. I may have to try it at the top next time just to see, but I never noticed them not matching up the other way

  3. I love this style of shirt, Shirley!!! It would look great with jeans, too.

    1. Great idea Pam! I'm growing tired of t-shirts and expanding my wardrobe with these shirts now! I guess they can be worn with shorts, skirts, and pants!


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