Monday, June 16, 2014

Forest Fairy Craft Book Review

Last Saturday, my children and I had a fun afternoon crafting with the "forest fairy" craft book!

Here are fairies that my girls and I made.  My son, who loves to work with felt, also made us a tree (not something in the book....just his own spark of creativity).

This is really a great book to add to your library of fun things to do this summer. As soon as my children could hold a crayon in their fingers, I started encouraging them to be creative!  You name it, we had it--paints, glitters, glues, felt, clay, pretty paper, etc.  I bought a cabinet from Home Depot just to store all of our supplies in.  However, now with them getting older, I find it more challenging to engage them with crafts (and a little more expensive).

This book is beautifully illustrated and well written.  My children are preteen ages and they can easily follow all of the instructions without help from me.  If your children haven't learned to hand sew yet, there is a "sewing lesson" section illustrating simple stitches that they will need to be able to do to make the items in the book.  I too enjoyed making a fairy!

One thing that I was not expecting was many of the fairy designs appeal to boys as well.  In addition to making flower and other girly-type fairies, you can make ninjas, pirates, and leprechauns.

And if that is not enough to get your creative mind flowing, there is a section on making animal pouches out of felt.

We keep all of the supplies in a fabric carry bag so it can be easily pulled out and taken to the living room.  After finishing, everything goes back in the bag for next time.   All of the supplies can be easily found in most craft stores and I found it to be an affordable craft since all you mostly need are thread, felt, wooden beads, buttons, etc.  I think I found online a plastic jar of silk flowers to use for the skirts, but I also had a lot left over from when I use to buy silk flowers to make hair decorations for my girls.  Nothing really expensive to make but with fun and cute results!


I know I could have just left a review on Amazon, but this is so much more fun and with pictures too!  If I find another great book out there, I'll share the information in hopes that it is something you can fill your summer break with too.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


  1. Fun stuff! Their projects turned out adorable!

    1. Thanks Kelly! The girls are so happy with their projects and my son says "it is the best dragon pouch ever!" LOL

    2. Wonderful! We are so happy that you had fun sewing! Awesome dragon pouch! And lovely fairies!

    3. Thank you Lenka! My son is very proud of his dragon pouch he made. We love your book! It will be hours and hours of fun for us!

  2. Love this. Those fairies are awesome!

    1. Thanks Liza Jane! I was amazed at all the fun things in this book--we are having so much fun with it.


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