Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ottobre Shirt w/ Yoga Pant

Ottobre 3/2013 #16
Cotton Dress--left off bottom band to make it shirt length
Size 134

Crafty Mamas Funky Pants
Size 8

I started making school clothes now!  After making the yoga pants, which is now the go-to-pant for one of my girls, I decided to make a shirt to go with them.  I recently bought several yards of cotton lawn from Denver Fabrics, all which are very reasonably priced.  I believe I paid $3.95 a yard for this fabric.

After looking through my Ottobre magazines, my daughter settled on the Flower Hexagon cotton dress, which is easily adapted to a top by leaving off the rectangular pattern piece.  She also chose to leave off the pockets.  That was fine for me too since it makes for a quicker sew.  This top/dress has a back slit at the neckline, which you tie closed with ribbon.  To keep it soft, I made tie straps with the same fabric.  I used a narrow hem at the sleeves and bottom of the blouse.

Now I have 6 more pairs of yoga pants to make!  I really love this pattern.  You can make these pants so quickly and I use my serger for all seams and then my coverstitch machine for the leg hems.

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  1. I love how this top looks with the bright pants :) I almost bought some of that fabric and now I'm sorry I didn't. I dread starting back to school stuff - it seems neverending. I do love how those pants look and K is always happy with the yoga type ones. Time to get out my Ottobre "saija" pattern for those :D (01/2009)

    1. I am making so much more for school than I had planned on, but I am glad though. I am working through a lot of my fabric stash! I am in the middle of sewing up 6 more pairs of pants and I told my daughter that any matching fabrics I have, I will try and make simple shirts to match too. Plus I have a bunch of underwear to sew up too! My son asked me if I could make socks. Ummmm....no! LOL


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