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Ottobre Kids Sewing

Ottobre 1/2012
#31 Cheveyo Cargo Sweatpants
Size 152

 Fabric:  Lightweight Sweatshirt Fleece in Navy (Fabric.com)

Here is a pair of sweatpants I made for my son!  I'm pleased with the fit and the most important thing is he likes them!  

Since I don't have a flatlock stitch (for sewing the waistband area, which is just basically turning down the fabric to the inside), I just used a stitch I thought would look nice.  It did get a little hung up where the pocket seams are since there are multiple layers of fabric to sew over.  Not a big deal and not really noticeable once wearing.

Per my son's request, I did all the top stitching in silver thread.  I especially like the top stitching lines for the faux fly.  I used a triple stitch there.  There are two small buttonholes at the front waist to pull a drawstring through.  I found some at my local fabric store in a large variety of colors!  I'm so happy to not have to make my own anymore.

These pants have pockets at the hip and also cargo pockets on the side of the leg.  With the exception of the cargo pockets, these pants sew up quickly.

Even though you can't see it here, I did triple stitch the hem, which looks really nice.  I kept them a little long for growing room.  I told him to just turn them up if he needs to when he doesn't have any shoes on.

I'd like to make these again in a heavier weight fabric.  I didn't pay attention to the "lightweight" in the fabric description.  They are fine, but probably not very warm to be wearing with snow.  However, they make a great pant for lounging around in.

Ottobre 4/2013
#32 Remainder Velour Pants
Size 128 with an extra inch added to the length
Ottobre Creative Workshop 301
Size 134

Fabric:  Brown velour and a striped sweater knit from my stash

If you don't have the Ottobre Creative Workshop 301 pattern, it is a nice t-shirt pattern to have.  I've made this a few times.  However, this time my daughter kept pulling at the neckline.  I cut off the neckband at the seam and then scooped out the lower front neck by an inch and put another band on.  I'll have to go back later and make this adjustment on the pattern.  I just folded the front of the shirt in half and "fingers crossed" made the cut. ha ha  Fixing things is not my favorite.  I'd almost rather make something from the start then have to work on it after it is finished--silly, I know.

For a little interest, I changed the direction of the stripes and added a band at the end of the sleeve.

I also added a band at the waist.  I found trying to hem this sweater knit difficult.  I started to, realized what a pain it would be, took it off the machine, chopped it off, cut a band and sewed it on with my serger.  Easy!

I've made these pants before here.  They weren't really a favorite of my daughters then, but she has since grown fonder of the style.  I think because she has grown into the size where they fit a little better on her.  I omitted the drawstring since she doesn't like them.  Anything with a drawstring, including store-bought dresses. will be cut off by her!  That's fine.  It saves time without the added button holes.

Fun puppy fabric for the pocket linings.

Thanks for stoppying by ~ Shirley


  1. Very cool! I like the pockets on the sweatpants.

    1. Thanks Kelly! I need to look for something like this in adult size for my husband. I think I would be brave enough to make something like that for him.

  2. These blue pants look great! Do the top pockets try to pop out? The last two pants I’ve made in a sweatshirt the pockets never wanted to stay in. I love your topstitching on these – great choice by your son. It really adds interest to the pants.
    Great save on the tee. It looks perfect in the pictures. I would rather start over with projects too, lol. I’m not one to fix things. I like the look of the stripes with the pants too. Great outfit :D And what a skinny little thing in a 128! My K is in a 152 already and T 158. I feel like they are going to jump right out of my Ottobre sizes too soon for me to sew them all up!

    1. Thanks Kristin! My son wore these all day yesterday and from what I could see, the pockets stay in; they are pretty deep. I don't like that either when the pockets pop out. I know, I was thinking that when sewing these pants up....uh oh, the biggest size will be quickly approaching. They stay small for a while and then grow like weeds! Fortunately for our boys, there are some nice mens patterns coming out, and once out of Ottobre, they should be able to wear the XS of those (I hope).

    2. Oh, and I'm so thankful I can sew because my daughter can't fit in the 128 length and doesn't like adjustable waist with all that fabric getting bunched up! I don't know what she would be able to wear if I didn't sew for her! I just got the Jalie yoga pant pattern that you made up, so I am really excited to try that out for myself and her to see if it is another pant that I can make for her!

    3. I have been starting to look at the Men's small's too. Tayden wears some tshirts that are that size already. Funny thing is that I fit into a men's small too :) He doesn't like it when I steal his tees! hahaha. I had to steal the zelda one though ;-) I just love sewing Ottobre's so much that it will be sad when they get out of them. More sewing for me I guess. Too excited to see what you think of the Jalies!!

    4. Oh my gosh, now I don't feel so guilty! I was going to make a raglan t for me and then thought, "oh, I should make this for my son" and then when he doesn't want it anymore, I'll take it for me! Now that he wears adult smalls, I can snag his shirts too! funny. I cannot wait to try the yoga pant, but I have to make my other daughter something. I have to stay on track with the rotation so no one feels slighted. LOL

  3. I'm with you, Shirley. I'd almost rather start from scratch than have to go back and make alterations. I'm also like your daughter - I don't like wearing pants with drawstrings. If I buy a pair, the first thing I do is pull out the drawstring. Beautiful striped fabric on your daughter's top and I do like the cuff. The top is a perfect match for the pants. Happy New Year!!!

    1. Happy New Year to you as well Pam! I find that I don't like drawstrings either. You end up with a wad of rope underneath your shirt right at the belly! lol

    2. That wad of rope doesn't help when you're trying to pretend your tummy is as flat as pre-children... LOL!!!

  4. These are such stylish sweat pants (even if cargo pockets in a knit are a bit of a pain). I made them for my older son and he has loved them.

    The velour pants are also cute. I wonder if my girls would like the style?

    1. Thanks Joy! I was thinking next time maybe trying some stay tape just at the edge of the pockets; I wonder if that would make it easier to sew. The only thing with the velour pants is there seems to be a little extra fabric in the front part. I think that is why my daughter didn't care for them at first. Seemed a little baggy till she grew into the size better.


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