Tuesday, January 6, 2015

McCall's Jacket & Skirt

McCall's 7044
Skirt, Size 8
Ponte de Roma Knit

McCall's 7042
Jacket, View C with tie, Size 12
Ponte de Roma Knit

it looks uneven at the seam, but that is because of the way it is tied

This skirt is so easy and quick to make.  There are only 2 pattern pieces, the skirt and the waistband.  The pattern cover is a little deceiving.  It looks like the skirt is very short, so I added 2 inches.  Once my daughter tried it on, I had to shorten it, removing the 2 inches I added!  It was down to her knees and this was a size 8!  My daughter has long legs too.  She has a tiny waist, putting her in a size 8, but I felt certain that it needed to be lengthened.  So, if you make this up, no worries, it is not a mini.

The jacket takes a little time to make.  My daughter loves the peplum.  

I decided to add the tie instead of the frog closure so I wouldn't have to go buy one and I had plenty of fabric since I was working with a 2 yard piece.  This jacket only took 1.25 yards of fabric--nice!  However, it is not lined.  I don't want to have to line a jacket for my kids since they will most likely only wear it for one season, but the way the collar is, I wasn't happy with catching a glimpse of the seam allowance.  I worked hard on this darn collar and feel it could have been better, but I don't know what would have made it lay better and smoother.  You sew it to the jacket with the interfaced side down.  I did tack the bottom edge where the collar is very narrow to try to keep it in place.  I added a seam binding to the inside collar seam to hide it.  It is much nicer to catch a glimpse of some pretty lace than a seam.  I couldn't find any thread remotely close to this coral color.  I received a Gutermann thread cabinet for Christmas too, but nothing looked close.  The only matching thread I had was a cheapo spool from years past.  Oh my.  It is not fun to sew with old, cheap thread.  I used it for top stitching only.  Good quality thread really makes a difference.  

I could have gone with a size 10.  Before I cut it out, I threw the sleeve pattern on my daughter and thought 12 would be best.  Now she has a little growing room.  She wants more of these jackets, so I will have time to perfect the collar.  There are a couple different versions to this jacket and the pattern also includes a legging pattern (not used for this outfit).  I made the camisole top she is wearing underneath the jacket as well as the leggings.

With the leftover fabric from the jacket, I was able to cut myself out the Collette Mabel skirt!

Fabric purchased from Girl Charlee

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  1. Cute! I love the coral and houndstooth together.

  2. Oh I love this outfit! The houndstooth is sooo cute on her. I think the jacket looks lovely too. I'm jealous of the Gutermann thread cabinet!! That is my favorite thread to sew with. I'm excited to see your Mabel skirt now too :)

    1. Thanks Kristin! Would you believe that the thread cabinet ended up being only $60 ish at Joann's. It was on sale and then with a coupon. There is only 1 thread spool per color but still a great deal.

  3. I can totally see this prim and proper little business woman hiding pink high tops under her office desk! Haha! The outfit is awesome! The whole shebang!

    1. Totally Kelly! ha ha She does look like she is ready for the office.


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