Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Favorites of 2014 & My Misses

Happy New Year!  

Here are my favorite makes of 2014

I have several pairs of these shorts now.  They are the best fitting shorts I have ever made or bought.

I love this dress.  I is quick and easy to make and so comfortable to wear.  A definite winner for summer.

When I wore jeans, I almost always grabbed this top to wear with them.  It takes a little time to make, but one of my favorite tops to wear.

I have made a few of these tops for my daughter now.  She loves them and I do too.  They are very RTW looking.

An easy dress to make.  I wore this one a lot over the summer.

I have made about 4 pairs of these leggings for myself and a couple pair for one of my aunts.  I wear this set a lot because I love the print of the sweater knit.

My daughter loves this dress!  It is an easy Ottobre make and can be personalized with a theme if you want.

Favorite dress to date!  Easy to make, fits well, and looks great!

I've made these pants about 3 times now--a definite winner!  It is my go-to-pattern pants pattern for my son.  He likes the jersey to layer over tank tops.


Loved this outfit!  My daughter only wears the shirt.  Not a total miss I guess.

The fit was perfect!  However, my son never wears these.  Maybe the fabric?  He is so supportive of my sewing and wears nearly everything I make.  He would never tell me why he doesn't like something because he wouldn't want to hurt my feelings.  I can only tell if he doesn't like something by how much or how little it gets worn.  My girls, that is a different story.  They will tell me as soon as they put something on exactly what they think of it! ha ha  

I thought this was super cute and my daughter loved the fabric.  This never got worn.

At no fault of the pattern, I just don't like the fit on me.  I might go back and try to get the fit I want, but there are so many other patterns calling my name.  I prefer the fit of the Jaime jean for me.

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment.  I really enjoy being part of an online sewing community!  It is so exciting to be able to share my makes and get feedback and I especially love seeing what others make.  I love to inspire others and be inspired by what you have made.

Here's to a great year!



  1. Great roundup Shirley! I think my favs are the peasant and Lola dresses!

  2. I love that Burda top. Happy new year Shirley! Hope 2015 is full of health and happiness! :)

    1. Thank you Liza Jane! I wore that top so much that I started to feel embarrassed when the same people would keep seeing me in it! LOL

  3. I love seeing your hits and misses :) You have some wonderful garments here! I hope to get a good shorts pattern this next year - I love your maritime ones. I look forward to seeing all your makes this next year (they certainly inspire me to sew)! Happy 2015

    1. Thanks Kristin! A good shorts pattern is hard to find. I still want another one. As good as it is, I like them to look different so they don't feel like a uniform ha ha. I'm sure once you find one, I'll be a copycat and buy the pattern too! LOL

  4. A great round up, Shirley. I've yet to make the peasant dress, but definitely on my To Do list. Sometimes it's hard to tell why an outfit is a miss with a child.

    1. Thanks Pam! This year I hope to do a little more jean sewing for myself.....and more work done on the ships quilt!

  5. You had a great sewing year!


Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I appreciate you taking the time to comment and share your thoughts! I enjoy connecting with others who share my love and passion for sewing.