Friday, February 13, 2015

Another Alder

Alder Shirtdress Size 4
Alterations:  Sloped forward shoulder, shortened 2 inches

Yep, I can totally see why this dress is so popular!  It is addicting and you can't just make only one.  I'm not sure which version is my favorite.  I'm kind of liking the straight one better than the gathered skirt one....maybe. No doubt I will wear both a lot though.  I already have some linen on order to make another.

I worked a little more on the shoulder fit again.  Last time I did just a sloped shoulder and then I realized I also have forward shoulders--what the heck!  Analyzing your fit points out things you didn't know about your body ha ha.  I'm enjoying learning new things though.  That is why I love sewing so much.  No matter how long you have been sewing, you can still continue to learn and perfect your fit.

This fabric is very light weight.  It is a cotton lawn that I purchased last summer from Fashion Fabrics.  I probably will need a slip in sunlight.  I really miss taking pictures outside, but it is still very cold.  It was sunny today and I briefly thought about stepping out on the patio for a photo.  I have done that before and it embarrasses my daughter because of the strange looks I get from strangers walking by in coats!  Isn't it funny how when you are little like that, those things bother you.

I am having the worst time trying to get my body form to my measurements.  It just doesn't seem to work well.  I want to have my husband help me with a duct tape one so I can put it over it.  I am wishing I had not spent the money for one with all the dials. :(  Maybe to get a really decent one, you have to spend a fair amount of money on it.

I had my husband help to graph my body today using the instructions in the book "Fit for Real People."  I realize now that I can stand in front of the mirror all I want and I'm just not going to figure out all I need to know.  We taped up some paper to the wall and he made some points on it where my neck starts, shoulders, arm pits, waist, hips, etc.  This will be a good start.  Hopefully I will learn how to make better fit adjustments now.  I have to say it was fun when we were doing this--we laughed a lot!  

I made sure to line up the button band where it would match the brown stripe.

I discovered there is actually a Sew Along on the Grainline website for the Alder, which is very helpful to reference.  There isn't much more to say about this dress other than I love it and I think the fit I have is pretty good so far.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


  1. hahahaha. I had Kiela help me with my body outline. It was... unusable we shall say :) I have the same issues with not being able to pinpoint out my measurements and fittings. I have super square shoulders but also forward. fitting and I just don't like each other :P

    I think this version looks great too! The fabric is super pretty with those flowers on it. I couldn't tell you which version looks better because they both look awesome! And holy moly your hair is getting super long!

  2. Oh! and I have a foam dress form. Don't go that route!! Betty is such a beast and I still can't get her to my measurements. She is just proportionately wrong. I hacked away with a kitchen knife on her in frustration and still she mocks me with her weird bust and perfect curves. I think I want to try a duct tape double but I'm nervous about it ;-) how much do I trust my husband.... lol

    1. Thanks Kristin! I have seen a couple videos on youtube about the duct tape body form, but I know from past experience that duct tape gets very tight! My husband and I went to a dinner years ago and I had an evening gown to wear without the right kind of bra. We used duct tape! Never again!! It just kept getting tighter and tighter. It wasn't fun to get off either. I know with the body form though, you wear a t-shirt underneath ha ha. I'm loving my long hair. Two years ago this month, my husband shaved my head. The longer my hair gets, the further I feel from that moment in time. :)

  3. The dress looks great! I rally like that fabric. Does duct tape shrink? I used that technique to make the pattern for Ethan's Halloween suit. That would explain why I felt like it was tighter than when I put it on him...

    1. Thanks Kelly! You know, I don't know if duct tape shrinks. At the time I just assumed that when I would exhale, it would just conform to whatever position/circumference my body was in. I didn't consider that maybe it was shrinking on me. It was miserable.


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