Saturday, February 28, 2015

Swimsuit Sewing

Jalie 3351
Shorts Size S

Jalie 3023
Tankini Top Size S

Love, love, love these patterns!

I haven't had a new swimsuit in several years. I have never enjoyed swimsuit shopping.  It is just hard to find something that fits well and is comfortable and modest.  Jalie you are awesome!

The top has a shelf bra, which I made in the solid black.  This fabric was a little thicker than the printed fabric, so I thought that would work best there.

While assembling the yoke piece, I attached a half inch strip of clear elastic to the seam allowance to keep the front secure.  I read a few reviews that mentioned a little gaping here, maybe when wet, so I figured it wouldn't hurt just to put some in.

I had to cut off about 3.5 inches from the straps.  I safety pinned them in, tried it on, and then sewed the straps down once I got a good fit. I removed 2 inches from the length of the top.

The shorts have a side pocket and an inner bikini too, which I made from the printed fabric.

I do have some extra fabric left, so I will make up the skirted bikini too.  I wasn't sure which I would like best, but now that the top and bottoms are together, I love the look!

Technically, it is a pretty easy sew.  Jalie's instructions are always well written and illustrated.  The last step of assembly of the shorts, attaching shorts, bikini and band, take some thought to wrap your head around.  What this does is sandwich the seam in between everything so you don't see it or feel it on your skin.  I actually made one of my girls this same swimsuit, but made the shorts in too small of a size.  I kept it as a visual example just for this step so I can refer to it.  I will be making this swimsuit a lot for the 3 of us!  I will blog about their suits once I make one for my other daughter.

Fabric purchased from The Fabric Fairy.  Wow, what an impressive selection of fabrics they have!


I have a new camera now, so we are experimenting with photos.  Instead of being photographed a 100 times, I'm just going with what we take and figuring it out as we go along.

Next I want to jump right back into jean sewing and maybe enter another pair in the Pattern Review jeans contest!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


  1. Way to go, Shirley. Is there anything you can't sew? Your swimsuit looks fabulous, both the style and the fabrics. I like the idea of an inner bikini with the shorts. I so hate shopping for swimming costumes. I can never find what I want.

    1. Thank you Pam! Honestly, this pattern makes making a swimsuit easy! I've looked at other patterns and thought about trying them but never did. I just didn't think I'd be successful. However, all the reviews on this one were very encouraging.

  2. That looks awesome Shirley! Well done!

  3. Looks fantastic! Great job :)

  4. Very well done! I love the swim shorts. You're right about swimsuit shopping, too. This almost makes me want to attempt to sew my own swimsuit!

    1. Thank you Liza Jane! If you try making a swimsuit, definitely give this pattern a try. I was amazed at how easily it went together and how easy it was to sew with swimsuit fabric!

  5. good call on the strip of clear elastic, I haven't had a chance to try my suit out to see if it gapes there. I'm getting set to make myself another one but I'm still unclear about the shorts, briefs, waistband sandwich. I can't wrap my head around the order. I've been doing it but still having a seam against the skin where the waist band and brief meet. Can you help me :)

    Your suit looks so good (love the fabric) and I agree, these patterns are the best!

    1. Thanks Kristin! The way you put the shorts together with the waist seam hidden, lay your shorts with ride side of fabric facing OUT. Take your assembled waistband piece and line up the raw edge with the raw edge of your shorts, putting the waistband around the outside of the shorts with the facing side of the waistband facing OUT. So you should see your shorts with the waistband facing on top. Now put the bikini on over your shorts and your waistband piece, aligning all raw edges at the top. I just pull the legs on the shorts thru the legs on the bikini. So now you have the shorts with the waistband around the outside top and the bikini over that. Once the bikini is over the shorts, you won't see the waistband. The pattern says put the bikini on over the shorts with the ride side of the fabric showing. When you turn it to the inside, the seams of the bikini will be on the inside. I might reverse this so no seams will be felt and who is going to see those seams since they are up under the shorts anyway. Does this make since? I'll try to get a picture taken so you can see the layers if you want!

    2. Thanks Shirley! I think I understand now :) I'll try this with my next suit


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