Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Swimsuit Love

I love the Jalie swimsuit.  I made a set for me here.

Jalie 3351 & 3023

If you aren't familiar with Jalie Patterns, they are sized 2 to 22.  How awesome is it to have one pattern that will fit the entire family?  Pretty awesome!

Go Fish!  Funny how I got the seashell right at the mid tummy area.

This is a size 134 in the top and a 140 in the bottom.

And a little more fashion forward with my other daughter's choice of fabric.

This is a 140 top as well as a 140 bottom.

Yesterday I was out doing some shopping and noticed tankini swimsuits similar to this style in the ladies department.  I looked at the price and it was around $50.  I made mine for less than half that!  This is definitely an area where you can save some money in sewing for yourself.

I bought the Jalie Boardshort pattern so now I can attempt to make a swimsuit for my son.  I have only made a pair of pj pants for my husband, so maybe I can build some confidence in sewing him up a pair of shorts as well.

Last week I made myself a dress.  Well, I shouldn't say "made" because it went into the trash at the point of the lining.  The dress fit and once my lining was in, it did not.  It also did not help that my machine starting having issues that landed it in the repair shop.   I took it in yesterday and the store owner said it was nothing that I did and it is still under warranty.  Thankfully I can continue to sew on my Janome, but my Pfaff is much better for knit sewing because of the dual feed.  Anyway, I thought I liked the fabric I chose for my dress....big green circles with white swirly lines, but my dress I was making had a neck flounce.  It started to look kind of clownish to me ha ha!  Oh well.  Some fabrics don't meet our expectations once sewn, so I probably wouldn't have worn it anyway.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Embroidery Update

I managed to complete another 4 quilt squares.  I am really trying to stick to my goal of 2 per month.  A small goal, but HUGE when you think about the time that goes into sitting and stitching...time not sewing clothing, which is a hard thing in itself! ha ha

Like the compass squares, there will be a few anchors to do.

This last one I knocked out in 3 days.  One of my girls was hospitalized with pneumonia, so I took my hand embroidery to the hospital each day while I sat with her.  We were a crafting duo.  She sat and practiced calligraphy (once she was feeling better) while I stitched.  She was admitted last Tuesday and was able to go home Friday morning.  Her treatment consisted of breathing treatments and antibiotics.  The doctors said we caught it early!

I now know the only thing worse than being in the hospital myself is having to have one of my children there.  This was the first time she was ever away from home, which was hard for me.  She did okay with that though, thankfully.  The nurses and doctors were amazing!

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Jeans--Vogue 8774

Vogue 8774
Size 12

Alterations:  Removed 5/8" from CB seam, 1/2" from length before hemming
Fabric:  Kaufman Denim 8 oz Indigo Washed, 100% cotton, purchased from
Top stitching thread:  White & Red Clay color, purchased from Joann's Fabrics

Installed rivets using my Prym


This is my 2nd entry in the jeans contest!


This is my first go at this pattern, as well as my first attempt at making a non stretch denim jean.  I have always been apprehensive at the thoughts of making a non stretch jean.  I assumed the fit would be more difficult.  I am happy with the fit I achieved.

After reading the pattern instructions, I followed some and not others. One difference was the zipper; it opens to the left instead of the right like my other jeans.  Since I had already trimmed down one side of  the fly front area, I was afraid to reverse the position of the zipper thinking it might not fit well.  Putting it on the opposite side was like trying to hula hoop to the right instead of the left like I am accustomed too!  It just didn't feel right.  I referred to the zipper instructions in my Grainline shorts pattern, which are fabulous, but it was hard to "flip" it in my brain while installing the zip.  Next time I make these jeans, I will put the zipper in the way I know how.

I also prefer a different method for the waistband assembly.   I pulled out my Angel Bootcut jean pattern instructions for that, which works really well.  I also used the hem allowance suggested in the this pattern too.  Vogue instructs you to make a narrow hem allowance of 5/8 of an inch.  I like a wider hem allowance for my jeans.  I have mistakenly put too narrow of a hem in skirts which makes them flip and not lie flat.

I do like the depth of the pockets and I also like how 2 of the belt loops are sewn at the base of the back yoke before attaching to the pant.  This is the first time I have seen belt loops constructed like this and I really like it!  The other belt loops are attached after the waistband is finished.  I like the pant legs.  Plenty of room but not baggy at all.

I also reshaped the back pockets a little.  The pattern piece seemed a little too wide and too square for my preference.

Before attaching the waistband, I tried them on and discovered that they were still a little big in the CB seam, so I adjusted the back yoke by taking it in 1/2 inch.  They could have been taken in a little more, however, but I wasn't sure how much ease non stretch denim would need at the waist.  Besides, I like to wear a belt with my jeans whether needed or not.

Worn with purchased top.
I purchased 3 yards of the denim for a total cost of $23.04.  
I have enough left over to make a pair of shorts!

This denim is really soft.  I just washed it again in hot water, which I did before cutting out, and they are even softer now and the fit is even better!  It shrunk just enough to take up the tiny looseness I was feeling in the waist.  I think I'll do that with all my jeans now that I make.  Since I hem them really long, I can afford a little shrinkage if that happens.

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