Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Swimsuit Love

I love the Jalie swimsuit.  I made a set for me here.

Jalie 3351 & 3023

If you aren't familiar with Jalie Patterns, they are sized 2 to 22.  How awesome is it to have one pattern that will fit the entire family?  Pretty awesome!

Go Fish!  Funny how I got the seashell right at the mid tummy area.

This is a size 134 in the top and a 140 in the bottom.

And a little more fashion forward with my other daughter's choice of fabric.

This is a 140 top as well as a 140 bottom.

Yesterday I was out doing some shopping and noticed tankini swimsuits similar to this style in the ladies department.  I looked at the price and it was around $50.  I made mine for less than half that!  This is definitely an area where you can save some money in sewing for yourself.

I bought the Jalie Boardshort pattern so now I can attempt to make a swimsuit for my son.  I have only made a pair of pj pants for my husband, so maybe I can build some confidence in sewing him up a pair of shorts as well.

Last week I made myself a dress.  Well, I shouldn't say "made" because it went into the trash at the point of the lining.  The dress fit and once my lining was in, it did not.  It also did not help that my machine starting having issues that landed it in the repair shop.   I took it in yesterday and the store owner said it was nothing that I did and it is still under warranty.  Thankfully I can continue to sew on my Janome, but my Pfaff is much better for knit sewing because of the dual feed.  Anyway, I thought I liked the fabric I chose for my dress....big green circles with white swirly lines, but my dress I was making had a neck flounce.  It started to look kind of clownish to me ha ha!  Oh well.  Some fabrics don't meet our expectations once sewn, so I probably wouldn't have worn it anyway.

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  1. Super cute on both suits :D I laughed because I bought the boardshort pattern too! Sad to hear about your machine :( I hope it gets fixed fast. My washer just died. ugh. I hate replacing things! At least your machine can get fixed ;-)

    1. Sounds like we are on the same wavelength with pattern purchases! LOL That is the worst when the washer breaks! or even the dryer. Hope you get it replaced soon.

  2. Two such fun pairs of bathers for your daughters! I love this tankini style with shorts, they look to be more wearable away from the beach than regular bathers. It's fun to make things for your children :)

    1. Thanks Carolyn! I love this style, especially for little girls. So much more modest than many other RTW styles. That alone will always keep me sewing for my children.


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