Thursday, May 21, 2015

Romper Time

Simplicity 2222

Size 12

Alterations:      Forward, sloping shoulder adjustments
Petite line adjustments
Added an armhole dart

I have had this pattern a while now, and since I am trying to do some serious stash busting, this all but said, "pick me, pick me!"  ha ha

You know how you buy a fabric and then have it so long that you can no longer remember what you planned for it or why you even liked it at the time?  That is this fabric.  However, I am happy with how it looks made into something now.

 I finally remembered to adjust my shoulders when I started; I figured out a while ago that I needed to do this but have repeatedly forgotten to do it for the last several outfits.  Forward, sloping shoulders.  That just sounds awful to me.  Makes me sound all out of whack!  ha ha  One shoulder more so than the other.  1/4 inch on the left, 1/2 inch on the right (my purse carrying shoulder).  Doing the shoulder adjustment really takes care of the gap on the sleeveless backside of shirts/dresses.

I wish I could have anticipated the really lonnnnggg armholes on this.  I fixed this easily though with an armhole dart.  However, I did have to unpick my bias finishing, but it wasn't that difficult.  I only unpicked from the bottom seam to the point where I made the dart.  I guess I thought adding the bias binding would somehow absorb that extra fabric.

Before cutting out my fabric, I did use the petite adjustment lines on the pattern which took out some of the length of the bodice.  If you make this, make note of the length of the bodice in case you need to shorten it.  The shorts are pretty short, but so am I, so I didn't add any length to them.  Having too long of shorts on me isn't really a good look either.

If you try this outfit on before putting in elastic, it will look like a sack!  I did to check fit and seriously thought this was ick.  I forced myself to put elastic in it and was so glad I did.  What a difference!

There is a lot of ease in the top, so I have adjusted my top pattern pieces down to a size 10, taking out to a 12 where it will meet the shorts pieces.  I also took out a 5/8" of an inch strip above the armhole to decrease the length there.  I don't want to have to put in another armhole dart.  I hope my adjustments are accurate because I didn't trace my pattern first...chop, chop!  Oh well.  I got impatient brave!

I am jumping right into making this again but with the skirt option.  I will definitely be adding a couple of inches in length there.  I hope with my added adjustments that I will get the fit I am hoping for!  I am wearing a camisole top underneath this.

Fabric:  Blue Check Chambray

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


  1. This looks great Shirley! I love the raised dots on the fabric. The buttons were an excellent choice. I really need to do the forward shoulder adjustment more often too.
    I am so happy when I finally make something out of fabric that has just been sitting in the stash so long! :D

    1. Thanks! I finally feel like I am beginning to learn how to fit. It is so nice to put a pattern away and no when I pull it out, I can just make it quickly. I'm doing good with using up my fabric. It is really hard to resist temptation to buy, but by the time I would get it, I can't sew it anyway.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Justine! I actually wore it out today; it is so hot here in Germany now! I'm really liking it. I'm ready to grab up some more romper patterns!

    2. I just got a cute one from Simplicity. It's an It's Sew Easy 1142.

    3. Thanks for the pattern number; that is really cute! I cannot wait to be able to walk into a store once I'm in the states and pick up all these patterns. I'll feel like a kid in a candy store!


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