Monday, May 4, 2015

Summer Dresses & a Shirt

Simplicity 1895
Size 8

Cotton & Steel BeSpoke Double Gauze from (such soft fabric!)

This is a Disney Shake It Up pattern.  I really like this simple sundress, which can also be made with a short sleeve.  In addition to this dress, there is also a little jacket included with the pattern.

  The flounces were tedious but only because I chose to make this out of a double gauze.  Folding up that narrow hem with a somewhat thick fabric tested my patience!

The straps are easy to fit since they are sewn to the back inside after everything else is finished.

I decided to make the drawstring out of the same fabric as the dress.  This is attached to elastic.

This dress is very quick and easy to make and would also be a great beginner sewing project since it only requires elastic and 2 buttonholes at the waist casing.  The pattern instructions are very well written.

Ottobre 3/2013
#39, Raglan T-shirt (same pattern can be used for a polo shirt option)
Size 152

Bling Ka-Ching cotton/lycra knit from Purple Seamstress

I used the same cotton/lycra knit for the neck and sleeve bands as I used for the sleeve piece.

This is an easy Ottobre pattern to trace.  I was able to trace it, cut it out and sew it together in just a couple of hours.

Simplicity 1817 (Suede Says)
Size 10

Ecru/pink plaid gauze from Fashion Fabrics Club

Pleats in the front bodice.  I used 2 silver heart buttons for decoration.

I like how there are 3 rows of elastic to gather the bodice back.

My daughter does have to wear a camisole top underneath this dress since the armholes are a little low.  She was away at camp when I made it, so I couldn't check for fit.  The straps are enclosed within the facing, so adjusting afterwards takes a little more effort.  I ended up having to take 2 inches out of the strap length.  I cut the straps in half right at the top and then turned one edge in on itself and then put the backside strap inside it and stitched it.  With this being a check fabric, you can't even tell that I did this!

This pattern also includes patterns for a top, shorts, and pants.  This is another easy pattern that would be great for a beginner sewing project.  Instructions are well written and easy to follow.

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  1. I know a little guy who would just LOVE that t-shirt fabric. I have never sewn with double gauze, but keep hearing about it. Must try some next Summer. Love the style of the last dress and I just don't think you can go wrong with gingham.

    1. Thanks Pam! You'll love the double gauze. You can't tell the softness when you buy it until you put it through the wash! Then it is so nice. I bought it for me (the first dress), but my daughter loved it, so I gave it to her. LOL I'm definitely going to get some more though.

  2. These are great Shirley! I love that we both made the Ottobre raglan with purple seamstress fabrics, black sleeves, and size 152!! LOL. The dresses are so cute but the top one has to be my fav. Great colors in that fabric. I haven't tried double gauze yet either but I see lots of cute prints in it.

    1. I saw how you made your son the 152 ha ha Totally makes me feel like a copycat! I love the double gauze, but the Cotton and Steel is only 44" wide, so be aware of that. I guess I get so use to wider fabrics that I didn't pay attention. Another reason why my daughter got that fabric instead of me. Two yards looks so small at that width.

  3. Love that double gauze dress. So pretty!

  4. I love all the things! Especially that gingham dress! I think I need to order some of that double gauze!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I'm really excited that the Big 4 pattern companies are actually coming out with some cute patterns! For a while I have just had to stick with Ottobre (not a bad thing) but it is nice to have some more variety. I am in love with the double gauze. It is so soft.


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