Saturday, October 31, 2015

Jalie 2682 & 3022

Jalie 2682
Size T
Light Blue Jersey Knit from Fashion Fabrics

Jalie 3022
Size S
Cotton Lycra from Spandex World (Floral Prints Blue Multi)

This is one of those instant gratification projects. to sew!

The top front bodice piece is cut 4 times, enclosing the zip nicely.  It also feels quite comfy having that double layer of fabric.  Once you get the zipper finished, the top comes together quickly.

Once you have made these yoga pants, you probably won't want to buy a pair.  At least that's how I feel about them!  You can't see the seaming and top stitching with such a busy print.  It's more evident when using a solid fabric, which I did before, reviewed here.

I am wearing a purchased camisole top underneath.

Sometimes I don't like backside photos, which kind of tell all.  I should have done a swayback adjustment.   Also, this knit is a 4-way stretch, but as luck would have it, one direction stretched more than the other and I got the lesser of the two where I needed it most.  SIGH  However, I probably should have gone up a size anyway, but I'm not sure because my fabric doesn't stretch as much as it could have.  I'm already cutting it out again to make an athletic version.  I will know if I have the right size then.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley

Monday, October 26, 2015

Jalie Cora Running Tight

Size O (11 years/European size 150)
No alterations

 This pattern is fabulous!  Last weekend one of my girls needed a pair of athletic pants for school.  We came up empty handed after going shopping.  My daughter is slim with long legs, so if we fit the waist, most things are too short.  I could see the disappointment and frustration in her face.  She then asked if I could just make her a pair with the Cora pattern.  

Here's the pattern:

There are 9 pattern pieces for the pants.  Once traced and cut, it only took me 2 hours to sew together!  After I get a few of these under my belt, I'll be able to sew them up without even referring to the instructions.  I used both my sewing machine and serger.

and an action shot.....

Fabric purchased from Spandex World.  I just checked their website and this fabric is still available in the clearance section if you are interested.  My dri-fit was purchased from the Fabric Fairy--they have an awesome color selection!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley

Friday, October 23, 2015

Angel Bootcut Jeans & Renfrew Top

Angel Bootcut Jeans Angela Wolf
Size 6
Alterations:  Back yoke and CB seam taken in by 5/8"
Shortened pattern length by 2" and also removed 1" from bottom leg just before hemming

Renfrew Top Sewaholic
Size 6

Here are my black Angel bootcut jeans, top stitched with white thread.  I'm really happy with how they turned out!  I decided to make a black and white top to match.  I had a remnant of fabric left from when I made this dress.

I made these jeans once before here.  This time I followed along with the Craftsy video course, something I didn't have while making my first pair.  It definitely helped to improve my jean-making skills!  I opted to forego rivets and just zigzag stitch those areas instead.  I really like the high contrast of white thread against black fabric.

I did attempt to distress the fabric, but the kind of denim I made these jeans from didn't cooperate. I purchased it a while ago and I'm not sure of the fabric content.  Had I seen in the video to "test" a fabric sample prior to distressing, I would have known that and not wasted valuable sewing time.  Apparently after washing your fabric, it will reveal the complete results from your distressing. I always miss something in a video.  I skip around though, so lesson learned!  I couldn't see much distressing as I was doing it, but I had high hopes.  

I did go up a size this time since the pant legs of my old pair seemed a little snug.  I did have to rip out my CB top stitching AND seam to make an adjustment to the back yoke area because I had a large gap.  I altered my pattern before cutting too!  Apparently not enough, so I had to fix that the hard way.  I think it went back together pretty well.

I wish I had purchased some nickel buttons instead of using the brass ones;  I think it would have looked better.

I'm still uncertain what size to make my next pair in.  The waist of my first pair fits a little better.  I could make the smaller size and just adjust the pant legs to compensate for my weight gain. 

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley