Friday, October 23, 2015

Angel Bootcut Jeans & Renfrew Top

Angel Bootcut Jeans Angela Wolf
Size 6
Alterations:  Back yoke and CB seam taken in by 5/8"
Shortened pattern length by 2" and also removed 1" from bottom leg just before hemming

Renfrew Top Sewaholic
Size 6

Here are my black Angel bootcut jeans, top stitched with white thread.  I'm really happy with how they turned out!  I decided to make a black and white top to match.  I had a remnant of fabric left from when I made this dress.

I made these jeans once before here.  This time I followed along with the Craftsy video course, something I didn't have while making my first pair.  It definitely helped to improve my jean-making skills!  I opted to forego rivets and just zigzag stitch those areas instead.  I really like the high contrast of white thread against black fabric.

I did attempt to distress the fabric, but the kind of denim I made these jeans from didn't cooperate. I purchased it a while ago and I'm not sure of the fabric content.  Had I seen in the video to "test" a fabric sample prior to distressing, I would have known that and not wasted valuable sewing time.  Apparently after washing your fabric, it will reveal the complete results from your distressing. I always miss something in a video.  I skip around though, so lesson learned!  I couldn't see much distressing as I was doing it, but I had high hopes.  

I did go up a size this time since the pant legs of my old pair seemed a little snug.  I did have to rip out my CB top stitching AND seam to make an adjustment to the back yoke area because I had a large gap.  I altered my pattern before cutting too!  Apparently not enough, so I had to fix that the hard way.  I think it went back together pretty well.

I wish I had purchased some nickel buttons instead of using the brass ones;  I think it would have looked better.

I'm still uncertain what size to make my next pair in.  The waist of my first pair fits a little better.  I could make the smaller size and just adjust the pant legs to compensate for my weight gain. 

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


  1. The white top stitching makes your jeans look so professional, Shirley.

    1. Thank you Pam! It's the only color I had that would show up on the black. I didn't want to have to go buy any thread, so, fingers crossed, I hoped it would turn out!

  2. I love these Shirley! They look so much better than RTW. I am a bit jealous of your crotch curve (hahaha that sounds so creepy) but seriously it's perfect! I think the buttons look great on it. Your new renfrew goes great with them too. You keep convincing me to try this pattern out. I love the shape of the legs how they flare out :D

    1. Thanks! I made myself a template out of cardboard so I can draw my fly lines :) It makes it so much easier! I think I need to make another pair. It doesn't take that long to make them, but boy do I procrastinate in starting them! You could always put the pattern on your Christmas list. :) Some how a pricey pattern seems irrelevant if its a Christmas gift. LOL

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