Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Two Tops for Me

 McCall's 7247
Size 12
Alterations:  1/2" swayback adjustment
Shortened neckband pattern piece by 1/2"
Forward shoulder adjustment

I decided I was in need of some basic tops.  At home, I pretty much just wear worn out t-shirts that have seen better days.  I needed some nice tops to wear out and about.  I picked up this McCall's pattern a couple of weeks ago.  It's basic but a nice design feature with the front consisting of 2 pieces that overlap.  I'm pretty short and didn't have to lengthen it any.  If you have a long torso and not up for flashing your tummy, you might want to lengthen it.  It's perfect for me with just a peak of my lower belt showing.

Construction is simple and fast.  I decided I wanted the neckband a little narrower, so I flipped it forward over onto itself and sewed it down.  I've done this before, especially if I have a somewhat loose neck binding.  Somehow this just helps tighten it.  I zig zagged it in place with a very narrow stitch.  It blends into the fabric and is barely noticeable.

The pattern calls for moderate stretch knits only.  My fabric is a stretch rayon jersey, but it just didn't feel as stretchy as the rayon I used in my second top.  So, I went up 1 size larger just in case I needed a little more room.  I would have been fine with my size 10.  Oh well.  I was thinking "moderate" meant more, but I looked up the word definition and it means "average amount."  There I go, over thinking things....sigh.

Cotton Knit purchased from Fabric.com

Jalie 3352 Dolman Top
Size T
No Alterations

Why don't I have more of these??  This is such a quick and easy top....to trace, cut and sew!  It is lovely in a rayon jersey.  I used the neck binding pattern piece as a guide to cut one from the same fabric as the shirt, but 2" wide.  I used this tutorial on Megan Nielsen's blog for sewing my neckband.  I really like this technic; it is such a nice, clean finish.

I didn't do a swayback since I'm using a rayon jersey.  I thought it would be okay.  Looks good I think.

It was so windy outside!  My hair was all over the place.  One picture my daughter said she needed to take another one because the wind "parted" my hair in the back and it didn't look good.  Ha ha.  Love my little photographer's attention to detail.  She is always straightening my clothing or picking threads off.

Rayon jersey knit purchased from Joann's Fabrics

Both tops worn with my Angel Boot Cut Jeans.

And another Jalie outfit for one of my girls.  These 2 patterns make such a nice combination!  My daughter said this outfit is "so comfortable!"

Jalie 2682, size O
Jalie 3022, size N

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


  1. I really like the fabric on your Jali top, Shirley. That would look great with black pants as well as the jeans. The overlap on the first top is a great feature, too. Sounds like your photographer has lots of patience and enthusiasm.

    1. Thanks Pam! I will definitely be wearing these with my black jeans!

  2. I was looking at that mcCalls pattern the other day! It's a cool style. Love your version.

    1. Thanks Liza Jane! That pattern is definitely a keeper!

  3. I wish my photographer was as helpful..... (lol, I am my own photographer with my remote button). These tops are all great. I love the dolman on you! I was waiting to make it for me until I saw it on an adult - it looks great! You picked such fun fabrics for all of them.

    1. Thanks! The Dolman saved me. This fabric was going to be for the Jalie Scarf top, but after cutting the sleeves, I realized I didn't have enough for the rest of the shirt with that long collar piece (because I laid it out wrong)!! ARGH Thankfully the dolman doesn't take much fabric and I had enough to cut it out, using black for the sleeves. Note to self....when you are tired, don't cut out a shirt.


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