Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Holiday Outfit for Me

Jalie Faux Wrap Top, 2910
Size T
ITY Knit

Butterick Skirt, 5566
View A
Size 12
Scuba Knit

Out of all the skirts I have made, I find this one to be a favorite.  The only alteration made was to remove 4 inches from the length, which is standard for me.

There are a lot of darts in this skirt!  In addition to those you see on the overlay, the front skirt piece has a total of 4 and the back piece has two on each side of the zipper.  One thing I like to do when making darts is to decrease my stitch length (to about 1.5 or less on my machine) just as I near the end of the tip of my dart.  This helps me to avoid any bubble or puckering there.  

I also used an invisible zipper.

You may notice that my overlay is also in the opposite direction as the pattern illustration.  I had only a remnant of this fabric and had to flip my pattern piece over to cut out the overlay, making it overlap in the opposite direction.  I was so happy that I had enough fabric to cut this skirt out!  It took me several minutes trying to figure out the placement where it would all fit.

I love the angle of the darts on the overlay!  The pattern has you sew the darts on the overlay on the right side of the fabric, but I didn't do this.  I sewed them like normal darts, which I like.  To me, sewn the other way would look like you did it backwards!  I like style and things unique and different, but I wasn't wanting something that different.

I hemmed the skirt by hand to try to eliminate any visible stitching.  You can still see the hem a little though due to fabric type I guess.  The suggested fabrics are lightweight garbardine, stretch wovens, lightweight broadcloth and lightweight denim.  My scuba knit may not have been the best choice of fabrics because my seams were a little bulky with the layering.  In fact, while I was trimming one of my seams, I was careless and sliced a half inch into my fabric.  I felt sick the moment I did that!  I really love how this turned out and everything was perfect up until then.  Fortunately it is hidden by my blouse.  I did a quick zig zag stitch to mend it.

Another great top by Jalie!  This is a faux wrap top.  There is optional stitching in the ditch where one front piece is over the top of the other so it is held securely.  I only did about an inch at the top.  I did try to stitch the whole seam down, but something just didn't lay right and I removed all the stitching.  An inch worth is sufficient in holding the top together for me.

For the bottom hem, I put my top on my dress form so I could get the double layer of the front turned up together.  Trying to do this as it was lying flat on the table was difficult.

I should have done a swayback adjustment, but it's not too bad on this pattern.  Truth be told, I was tracing and cutting out this pattern while watching an episode of Enterprise and forgot to make any pattern adjustments!  I was just zipping through it and had the fabric cut out before I even thought about it.  You would think pattern alterations would be second nature by now.

I have had such a busy week with trying to sew in between other things.  I also just celebrated my 48th birthday!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


  1. Happy birthday! And such a great outfit. That skirt is very cool. I love all the darts!

  2. I just love this skirt :) The pleat lines are so fun and scuba knit is a funky fabric. The top is equally awesome! I really like that collar with the v neckline. Your fabrics go great together too. I need to make more "outfits" that go together instead of just piece by piece. Happy Birthday Shirley! !! How did I miss that day? :)

    1. Thanks! I really like this outfit, but I've yet to wear it! These boots are really, really uncomfortable and they are the only boots (shoes) I have that look decent with them. I struggle with shoes. :(


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