Saturday, January 23, 2016

An outfit for my son

Burda Young 7916
Size 34

Ottobre Hi-hat pants (4/2008 #33)
Size 164

My son was definitely overdue for a new pair of jeans and hooded shirt.
He is teetering right on the edge of growing out of boy sizes but not quite ready for a man-sized shirt, although I attempted it here.  It's not overly big, but definitely plenty of room to grow.  With the rate of his growth spurts, I figure each month it will probably look a little different on him!

This shirt is an easy sew.  The only addition I made was to line the hood.  I just cannot leave a hood to show seams; it looks unfinished to me.  The sleeves are each hemmed flat then basted together at the top before sewing to the shirt pieces.  Then you sew the sleeves and shirt sides together at once.  This does leave you with an inseam right to the edge of the shirt sleeve cuff since they are not hemmed in the round, which I do prefer.  I was pressed for time, so I just did it like the pattern.  If you are new to sewing and hemming knits, you would probably find this to be a little easier.

For the hood lining, I cut off about an inch at the front so the outer hood would fold to the inside.

I love these jeans.  I've made them before, but this time I went a little bigger on the front cargo pocket...maybe a little too big.  However, my son told me there is no such thing as too big of a pocket...only too small of one.  I love how he looks at things.

When sewing these, there isn't much room for the seam at the side hip pocket area.  I always forget about that until I am sewing them.  It's a little tricky to keep your seam straight not having much room for your presser foot.

The back pockets are my favorite.  With 6 pockets, it is very time consuming, but what a great pair of pants they make!  I have yet to make my son any other pair of jeans.  He always wants a new pair of the Hi-hat.  So, I just cut the buttons off the old and sew them back on the new.  It definitely saves money since it takes 9 buttons.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


  1. Look at all those pockets, Shirley! Definitely must have taken a while to sew. The jeans are so professionally sewn.

    1. Thanks Pam! These pockets take hours to make. I love to make them since they are kind of like a mini project, but you really have to be in the mood to work on them. LOL

  2. I love when you make a whole outfit. I need to do that more. I tend to make a shirt and have nothing for it to go with! This hoodie is great, I like mine oversized ;-) I line all my hoods too, who wants exposed seams? Those pants look very time consuming but well worth the effort. They are fantastic!

    1. I have an OCD about making complete outfits for some reason! lol These pants are so time consuming and I have made them about 4 times now! You would think I'd get faster at the pockets, but the cargo pocket has folds and so much stitching that I always have to refer to the last pair when making them.


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