Saturday, January 9, 2016

Knit Shirt and Shorts

Ottobre 2/2015-18
Gym & Sport Sweat Shorts
Size 36
Fabric:  Gray cotton spandex blend with black rib knit

Modkid Penelope for women 
Size S
Fabric:  Jersey blend knit

I made these shorts a couple of days ago, so I have had plenty of time to decide that I absolutely love them!  I needed some comfortable shorts to wear around the house.  It may be cold outside, but inside I like to wear my shorts year round.

The instructions for these are easily followed.  The most technical part is probably the grommets.  I love using them instead of button holes.  Both get the job done, but I think the grommets give it a more RTW look.

This shirt is so simple to make.  I bought the pattern a couple of years ago and made myself 2 dresses from it (pre blog days).  I wear my two dresses every summer.  The front and back are both cut on the fold and there is a pattern piece for the neck band, so no guess work there.  It is hard to see from the photo, but there is a tiny bit of gathering at the center front of the neckline.

 I purchased this pattern when I was new to sewing knits.  If you are just starting out and feeling intimidated with knits, I cannot recommend this pattern enough.  Patty Young is very thorough with her instructions and the booklet that accompanies this pattern is full of details and photos.

I have actually been wanting to make these shorts ever since I purchased the 2/2015 Ottobre issue.  Not having a 5-thread cover stitch machine made me feel that I wouldn't have good results just using a stitch from my sewing machine...not so!  I played around with scrap fabric till I found something I was happy with.  The front pocket openings are trimmed with black rib knit, which I also sewed with my sewing machine .  Then you baste the front pocket onto the front shorts piece and then use your cover stitch or another stitch of your choosing to actually sew it onto your shorts.  It was fun to do!

And since I have a silhouette cameo, I couldn't resist putting something on the back pocket!  Who doesn't like a smiley face :)

The shorts are not hemmed but just have a decorative stitch at the bottom. I did add an additional 2 inches to the length of these to make them a length I am more comfortable with.

The one thing I did do in addition to the pattern was to add 1 inch elastic at the top of the waistband.  As you can see, this is a pretty wide waistband.  I made a pair prior to this pair and without the elastic, I felt the waistband was loose and floppy feeling.  You do have the drawstring which will hold your shorts up and in place, but it just didn't feel secure to me.  I like it with the elastic much better.  Instead of using rib knit for the drawstring, I just cut an inch strip of my shorts fabric.  This fabric curled something terrible, but that made a perfect drawstring.  I cut it and it curled up tight! LOL  If anyone has a good source for drawstring cords, please share!  I have not been successful at finding any at my local fabric stores.

It is so hard to take pictures this time of year!  How do you like my photo background?  It's a white table cloth draped over my curtains.  ha ha  Oh well.  I sure wasn't going to freeze trying to take pictures outside in shorts with snow on the ground!

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  1. Cute and your figure looks great, by the way! I use a very long shoelace for a drawstrin

    1. Thanks! And thank you for the figure compliment--I'm working hard at it! Ah, what a great idea to use long shoelaces!! They are nice and flat too, so I will definitely do that.

  2. Your new silhouette cameo is getting a good workout, Shirley. You'd have no problems taking photos in your shorts outside in our 41ºC (106ºF) temperatures. They look super comfy.

    1. 106 degrees sounds really hot Pam! But I am really ready for summer. Now that I can iron on vinyl, it makes me look for things to sew that I can do that with!

  3. I love the decorative stitching you have on your shorts :) Both these pieces look great! I'd wear both all the time, lol. I'm kicking myself for not getting that Ottobre issue. And dang Shirley, your hair is really thick and long now!

    1. Thanks! I am pretty much living in these shorts, so I guess I need to make more of them. :) It's so hard to focus on sewing what I need vs what I want!


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