Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trial & Error

Butterick 5710
Size 12

So I attempted to make an evening gown for myself.  Isn't this pattern gorgeous?  I love it.  I love the color too.  

This dress is not finished; it is not hemmed.

I had some problems.  

Problem #1, I tried to make it quickly.  My husband had a formal dinner to go to and I thought I would make my dress.  That's what you do when you sew, right?  Who wants to go pay $$ when you can make it yourself.  I had the fabric in my stash from a year ago, as well as the pattern.  

Problem #2, I did not make a swayback adjustment.  I should have known better.  Let me just say that not doing one in the length of a shirt is not near as disastrous as not making one in a dress.  At least I think so.

Problem #3, The 20/22 inch zipper that the pattern calls for is long for my torso and ended at a not-so-nice area...by my behind, making the dress kind of poke out there a little.  I did, however, shorten it after it was already sewn in.  I'm happy to say this is possible to do.  It takes some unpicking, but possible.

Problem #4, See how low the front is?  I should have anticipated that.  I will redraft the front bodice piece to come up about an inch on me.

Problem #5, I put the zipper in too high, not leaving room for a hook and eye closure.  I thought I would cheat and put it higher so it wouldn't need one.  I don't recommend doing that.  You get a weird little V look at the top.  Not a big deal and my hair would cover it, but noting for future reference in case I forget!

I'm not sure what type of fabric this is.  I thought it was crepe back satin, but I recently bought some and compared the two and that's not it. Maybe satin charmeuse?

It wasn't difficult to sew, but it would snag occasionally, resulting in a pulled thread.

Two things that don't belong in the same sentence are quick and evening gown when you are talking about sewing.  I am definitely going to make this again.  I think I will make View A so I have less fabric to work with.  This dress is fully lined too, which is another first for me.  

I was really disappointed that my dress didn't turn out.  I just didn't think it through.  I jumped and ran with it.  Overall, I think the pattern instructions are great!  It was not a difficult dress to make, it just needs to be fine tuned to my body.

I had to go buy a dress, which I felt added insult to injury.  It too is a beautiful dress though, but I would much prefer to make something than buy it.  My amazing husband took me shopping almost immediately; he knew how disappointed and defeated I felt.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


  1. Gorgeous design, Shirley and a very flattering style. Can you still wear it? A black cami would help with the low neck. Not sure how you'd overcome the sway back bit, though.

    1. Thanks Pam. My husband thought about the lace cami. I have one that is blue but not the same shade. It looked okay, but I was so set on this dress without adding anything. lol

  2. wow that is a low front! I'd feel so exposed! lol. I know you really wanted this dress and it didn't turn out but you learned from making it; and it is pretty. Don't get down on yourself. We cannot grow if we sew everything perfectly every time! That being said, this fabric is just gorgeous and you would have looked so elegant in this dress! You'll get it next time ;-)

    1. My husband said it was even lower on me than the pattern envelope showed; I forget that I'm short sometimes! lol At least the next time I make it, it will go together smoothly since I know how to do it. I just have to bring that "V" up about an 1.5 to 2 inches this time and make sure I buy a shorter zipper.


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