Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Maxi Skirt and a Dress-to-Shirt Refashion

 Maxi Skirt
Simplicity 1616, Size 12
Fabric:  Cotton Lawn
Alterations:  Shortened length by 2", used only 2 side panels instead of 4

Dress to Sleeveless Shirt Refashion

I've made this skirt before, but this time I tried the maxi length!  I've never worn a maxi skirt before and thought maybe I wasn't tall enough to.  However, I really like it!

I lined up the bottom edge of my skirt with the frayed selvage for fun.  My fabric is a cotton lawn, so it doesn't stretch.  Since I wanted the pattern to run horizontal on my skirt, I had to lay my pattern out selvage to selvage.  Then I thought the frayed edge would add a nice detail, as well as not having to hem it!

You can just barely see the skirt band when the wind blew my shirt.  The band is cut on the bias, giving it some stretch.  If you make the skirt according to the pattern instructions, you will cut the side panel out 4 times.  However, I wanted to reduce some of the gathers, slimming my skirt down a little.  I knew between the width of the front and back pieces, 1  panel on each side would still give me a enough wiggle room.

Here you can see how I started out with a RTW dress.  I liked it, but I never wore it much.  It just seemed a little too plain and I wasn't sure how to dress it up.  I removed the sleeves and made a narrow, curved hem at the bottom. (I didn't change the color of my top, it just looks different in the photos)

I made the bias binding from my skirt fabric.

Instead of  making just the split on the left, I made one on the right as well.  This is another reason I was able to make due with just using 2 panels instead of 4 since I had more leg room.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


  1. I love this outfit on your, Shirley. Looks like it would be comfortable, too. In my teens and twenties, I wore a lot of maxi dresses and skirts, but none since. Not sure why, as I found them easy to wear. The blouse looks great, too.

    1. Thanks Pam! I always thought I was not tall enough for maxis, but my girls wear them. LOL I'm trying to make some cool outfits for summer.

  2. I love this outfit too! I would wear it all the time. You look great in Maxis! I think it was really smart of you to refashion that dress! It looks perfect with the skirt and now you will wear it!

    1. Thanks Kristin! I have a couple other winter dresses (new with the tag still on) that I bought online and never wore. I should have returned them, but now I think this winter I will put the scissors to them and remake them in my own style. LOL They were one of those buys where they were a fraction of the cost and look so good on the model online who was probably atleast 6 inches taller than me LOL.


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