Wednesday, March 23, 2016

McCalls 7115--Dress

McCalls 7115, View B Dress
Size small top, graded to a medium at the waist
Alterations:  1/2" swayback & forward shoulder adjustments, Removed 3" from bottom ruffle
Fabric:  Challis

One of my favorite details about this dress is the ruffled skirt!  It feels so comfortable and carefree to wear.  

Although not a bad fit for my first try, I see that I need to size down to an XS bodice, grading out to a size small at the waist.  However, it is still wearable.  There is a lot of ease in this dress.

I covered my buttons to match the fabric.

Another cute, but simple-to-make detail that I like is the split seam on the shoulder.

The dress is easy to make, but the challis didn't  want to behave when I was making narrow hems at the arm.  I disliked it so much that I just cut them off, finished the edges again, and turned them up 1/2".  The sleeves seemed a bit long on me anyway, so it was a quick and easy solution.  I don't have a lot of patience when it comes to picking my seams, and with this being challis fabric, that would have been easy for me to rip a hole into.  Cutting off my narrow hems was a safer solution.

I also made two tops for one of my girls with McCalls 6951, view A.  I love using light weight cotton fabrics for these.  Fashion Fabrics is my go-to place for inexpensive cotton lawn.

Even with a sheer fabric, it still makes a cute top to wear over camisoles.

Be aware that if you decide to make view B, check the length of the blouse.  I cut this view out only to discover that it was going to look to short.  You may need to add a couple of inches to the length.  However, view A seemed perfect as is.

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  1. I wore blouses exactly like those many moons ago. Still love the style.

    1. Me too Pam! My family has all been commenting to me how they can remember wearing that style way back when. LOL It's understandable that styles will come and go because how many ways can a top be created? We just shuffle them around through the decades.

  2. Cute dress! You know I love that pattern :). It's super easy to wear. In fact, you've made me think I need another!

    1. Thanks Liza Jane! I was so excited when I found out you made this too and it looked so lovely on you. I tried this pattern again in a cotton lawn, but it had such a different look. I definitely prefer it in soft drapey fabrics.

  3. This is such a beautiful floaty dress for those hot summer days just around the corner. The girls blouses are so pretty too! I wish K would let me sew some of those for her.

    1. Thanks! I think this is a great dress to slip on over a bathing suit to so you can run into the store or out for lunch. LOL For some reason it just seems like something I will use it for. I love making the button up blouses. They are so cheap to make with the cotton lawn from Fashion Fabrics. Lately I've been cutting buttons off clothing I have made that is grown out of so I can just recycle them into newer clothing without having to buy more buttons. The buttons on the tan shirt came from a dress that I outgrew :( When my daughter is done with that top, the buttons will come back to me because I bought them in Germany and love them. LOL


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