Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Brazi Dress

Stitch Upon a Time's Brazi Bra & Dress
Size S top, Size 3 skirt
Alterations:  Added 1/2" to bodice length and shortened skirt by 6 inches.  I also slimmed the width down on this maxi.  I pulled out my New Look pattern that I used before and referenced it's dimensions.
Fabric:  Teal Blue Elephant Striped Knit from Fashion Fabrics Club
Coral knit from Joann's

I love how the Brazi is constructed with bra cups sewn into the bodice!  This is my first time sewing with SUAT patterns and I'm hooked with just the first one.  It is a PDF pattern with extremely detailed instructions and pictures from how to measure, print, and assemble.  You could be a beginner seamstress and start with a SUAT pattern.

The bodice is lined and also has a length of elastic sewn to the under bust seam allowance.  The pattern calls for 1/4 inch elastic, but I tried 1/2 inch for this dress and I like it a little better having more width.

The skirt is gathered at the center front and back only.

I love the back detail of this dress!

Dressy and comfortable!

This one was my first go at the pattern, so I kept the skirt length at the short version and did not slim down the sides like I did on the maxi version.

It is so much fun to mix and match with a different colored band to compliment both top and bottom fabrics.  I purchased my bodice fabric, a knit, from Joann's.  I had the skirt fabric in my stash from last year.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Maxi Skirt with Scarf-collar Top

Jalie 2921
Size T
Alterations: 1/2 inch swayback
Fabric:  Teal blue jersey knit

New Look 6288
Size 12
Alterations:  Shortened by 3 inches
Fabric:  Teal Blue Multi Chevron Jersey Knit

This outfit is so quick and easy that I made it all in the same day!
I should have been making these scarf-collar tops all along for myself.  I have made a few for my girls and just love seeing them wear it.  I never realized how much I would enjoy wearing one myself.  The blouse has the comfort and feel of a t-shirt but dressier due to the scarf piece. 

I like how slim-fitting this knit maxi skirt is (version A).  There are only 2 pattern pieces--the skirt, which is cut on the fold for both front and back, and the waistband.  There is also elastic in the waistband.

This outfit cost me less than $14 to make!  I still have enough fabric left over to probably squeeze another blouse and skirt out of it for one of my girls.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley