Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Linen Drawstring Pants

New Look 6055 (Pants/Shorts)
Version A, Size 12
Alterations:  Several

Where to start with these pants?!  First off, I purchased this coral linen at Hancock Fabrics for less than $3 a yard.  I think the original price was close to $16 a yard.  I grabbed 3 yards for my stash.  I purchased the fabric for maybe a dress, but after prewashing it, I thought it might be a little too heavy and stiff.  So, pants were the next thought.  I looked through my pattern stash and came up with New Look 6055.  Looking at the model, I knew there would be more fabric at the waist than I would want.  I should have considered sizing down, down, and down again!  Seriously!  I was a little afraid to make changes initially without seeing exactly what I would be dealing with.  I looked online and linen pants are very roomy, so I didn't want to cut away and do something wrong.  Plus, I didn't want to make a muslin.  Sometimes that just seems like way too much work.

What I like--I love the side cargo pocket.  It is nice and big with a buttoned flap!

Changes I made--I created 2 darts at the back waist.  These pants were a series of sewing, putting on, pinning fabric out, resewing, etc.  I dismissed any thoughts of altering the pattern at this point because of the way I made the alterations.  There was so much fabric to eliminate and I had to do it a little at a time.  I took in the front and  back crotch seams, probably a good inch in addition to sewing my 5/8" seam.  Six inches were removed at the waist alone.  I also shorted the front crotch depth.   Then, I took the center leg seam in by an inch!  I know, my alterations are all over the place, but I think that covers what I had to do.

My shirt is covering up the darts here.  I got the idea of darts from looking online at other linen pants.  I liked that feature and wanted to include it for mine as well.  I did not make the tabs at the bottom of my pants because I didn't want them tight around my ankles.

I used eyelets instead of button holes at the waist.  I got them a little high.  I pulled my drawstring cord out of a romper I made a while back that no longer fits me.  There is also 1 inch elastic in the waist.

I also like the nice and big front pockets!

I put vinyl on my shirt using my Silhouette Cameo--love that machine!!

I tossed out my pattern but kept the pocket pieces to use again with a different pattern.  I'm happy with my pants, but I think the same pants could be more easily accomplished with an elastic waist trouser pattern that doesn't have as much ease built into it.  However, I did get the pattern to work for me and New Look patterns are very reasonably priced.  

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


  1. What a cute coral linen! I love your fabric choice and details, esp cargo pockets! You did a perfect job.

    P.S I was impressed by your profile. I agree with you, sewing is "good therapy".

    1. Thank you! I'm glad these turned out wearable. They could have easily been in the trash at some point. LOL I would have been sad about loosing the fabric, but not the pattern. Thank you for reading my profile. I'm not very savvy when it comes to the computer, but I'm so glad that I muddled through getting a blog set up. It's rare to run into anyone who sews, so it is so wonderful to share our passions via the internet!

  2. Love your t-shirt!!! You're getting great use from the Silhouette Cameo. Linen pants are so comfy and yours look great. I bought that pattern a couple of years ago, but have never made it up. After reading about all of your alterations, think I'll give it a miss. I have always had trouble getting pants to fit. They usually end up looking like clown pants.

    1. Thanks Pam! I like to look up t-shirts online and get ideas to duplicate them! With the Silhouette Cameo, you can actually pull designs in from the internet and trace them! It can do so much more than I use it for. But, I'm totally happy doing simple stuff with it. LOL This pattern definitely is a clown pant if you don't alter it. There has got to be other patterns out there.

  3. I can't believe how much "ease" was in these pants! And then I'm surprised they were wearable after all the fabric you took out! Not to mention they look fantastic! It looks like you should be on a cruise :) Love the shirt too. It's the perfect graphic for you


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