Thursday, May 5, 2016

Shirtzie Dress

SUAT Shirtzie Dress
Size Small with Size 3 Band
Fabric:  ITY Knit & Kaufman Laguna Stretch from
Alteration:  I used the skirt from the Brazi Pattern

I think this dress may be the most comfortable dress I have ever worn.  I opted to skip the lining for the bodice.  My fabric is thick enough with one layer.  If you do this, you will also have to cut a neckband.  I measured the neckline and cut my band 3" less, which seemed to work well for me with the amount of stretch in the Kaufman Laguna jersey. 

One of my favorite details of this dress is the shape of the neckline.  

I chose to combine the bodice with SUAT's Brazi skirt since it is only gathered in the center front and back.  The Shirtzie skirt looks to be gathered more and I prefer fewer gathers. 

I like how bands are used instead of hems at the sleeve edge.  Elastic is also sewn onto the waistband seam allowance.  Two bands are sewn together with the elastic sandwiched in between. 

So far this is my second SUAT pattern and I'm very impressed!  The fit is perfect!  

I was able to make one of my girls an outfit with the fabric I had left over from my dress!  I started with Jalie 2805 shirt pattern and then used an Ottobre tank pattern to narrow the shoulders and make the right-sized armholes.  For the skirt, I used Simplicity #1675.

It is definitely a wearable muslin.  Next time I need to lengthen the armholes and definitely make the skirt longer.  I threw this together while my daughter was at school, hoping that she would like it--she does!  I added the white band to make it look even more different from my dress.  No "mommy and me" outfits for this girl.  That's a deal breaker! ha ha

I left it unhemmed.

When she lifted her arm, the armhole wasn't too high, but in a relaxed pose, it looks like it is.  I used a size 158 to base the armhole on, but my kids are growing like sunflowers and just straight up!  I can't keep up with their growth spurts.

For my son, I made him a lounging outfit, although he has worn the tank top to school.  I figured he would.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the HTV vinyl.  I wish I could have made the graphics bigger, but I'm low on supplies.  I'm still learning how to use my machine, so sadly not all vinyl has made it to fabric.  A lot has ended up in my trash.  However, a lot of my sewing received the same fate in earlier years.

How cool is the Walking Dead fabric for the shorts?  I bought this on  Did I really think I could cut out a men's XS size (Simplicity 1021) in just one yard of fabric?  Sigh.  No pockets here and I also had to cut the waistband from some white knit fabric.  Actually, that made for comfy shorts to lounge in though since the other fabric is 100% cotton.  His tank top is made from Laguna jersey knit.

You can see here where I used knit for the waistband.  I didn't alter the waistband size since elastic is used for a secure fit.

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  1. I love the shirtzie on you! It really is comfy and something you can wear around the house or out! It looks nice and cheery. It is so great to have patterns fit so well right away - refreshing actually! I love this look on your daughter too. The high low hem is really pretty on her. And those shorts..... Tayden saw then and now I need to make him some. lol. It's really cool how the zombies lines are black/white/and red. You did a great job on the vinyl too!!!

    1. Thanks! I was wondering if Tayden was going to want a pair! I guess that means another fabric order? ha ha

  2. Wow! Very cute! It looks like a top and skirt. I think it's pretty good for the hot summer:) I will add to my wish list.

    1. Thanks Eli cat! I wore my dress out the other day and it was so cool and comfortable. I'm definitely going to make a couple more for summer. They sew up really fast too--just an hour or two and you have a dress!

  3. Looking good, Shirley. LOVE the colours in your dress and your daughters. Hers looks great with the leggings.

    1. Thank you Pam! The ity knit is so light and airy! Definitely will help keep me cool with the hot summer temperatures ahead!


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