Sunday, July 31, 2016

I'm Still Here!

Summer vacation is coming to an end and our children will be returning to school.  I thought my blogging days were behind me, but what I really needed was to step away from sewing for the summer.  Summer activities, vacation to Disney World, time with relatives, and pool time were our priorities.  Before, I seemed to be able to craft and keep up with our summer commitments, but the kids are getting older and so am I!  So now I realize that when summer rolls around, that is the perfect time for me to change up my routine and relax a little too, even if that means no blogging.  Once school is back in and I'm alone in the house, I'm sure my sewing machine will be calling my name.  I have tried to make so much of what my children wear, but sometimes it is so nice just to go stock up during an Old Navy sale.  It really takes the pressure off me to sew so much.

In the meantime, I found a perfect hobby for me to do to keep my hands busy...literally--knitting!

I enrolled in Craftsy's "My First Sweater" and love it!  I have knitted scarves before, but only knew how to knit and purl and nothing more.  I'm so excited that I am making my very own sweater.

pictured above is the back and left front piece

both raglan sleeves are finished

I love the eyelet detail, which surprisingly is pretty easy to do!

Michael's Craft Store had a sale on their florals, so it was the perfect time to grab some to make a wreath.  I have wanted to make one for years, but I was too intimidated to try until now.  One of my girls wanted to help me, so we sat and snipped a good portion of the stems off and stuck them into the wood branch wreath.  Then we just hot glued the heck out of everything and made a pretty bow at the bottom.  I know it's a little early for a Fall wreath, but my daughter and I were so proud of how it turned out that it is already on our door.  We decided, after all, it was for us to enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley