Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ottobre Tunic, Mini Skirt, & Leggings

Ottobre 5/2016

#8, Drapefront Top, Size 38
#7, Mini skirt, Size 36
#9, Leggings, Size 36

This was such a fun and easy outfit to make.  All three patterns utilize very few pieces and sew up quickly.

I had to remove quite a bit of length in the tunic so it wouldn't be a dress on me.  But, yay me, I can also make this as a dress one day--ha!  I removed 4 inches on my tunic length, but after made, I had to remove an additional 2 inches.  It was too long, covering my not-so-mini skirt on me...something else I had to shorten after the fact.  I also found the sleeves to be rather long, so I cut 2 inches off there as well.  I did my normal 1/2 inch sway back adjustment.

I love how the CF, CB, and shoulder seams are sewn wrong sides together with a rolled hem. At the hemline, a rolled hem is also sewn.  I opted for black thread to tie into my skirt color, giving a nice contrast to my top too so those threads would really stand out.

I love the neckline on this.  When stabilizing the shoulder areas on the back pieces, make sure whatever you use doesn't exceed the width of your rolled hem.  I cut too wide a strip of interfacing and it was visible on the inside, so I had to work at peeling it off my fabric.

CB seam is a nice little detail.

Love, love, love these leggings.  You just wouldn't think that legging patterns would be so different from pattern to pattern.  These are the first that truly fit me well.  I had to shorten them by 3 inches.

Here you can see the front detail of the skirt a little better.  The skirt fronts overlap.  This is intended to be a mini and I forgot that mini patterns are usually down to my knees.  Normally this is great when I don't want a mini.  However, since I'm wearing leggings and flats, mini is a better look for me since my legs are kind of short.  My skirt material is a nice heavy weight knit.  Top of skirt is folded over, encasing elastic.

I'm sure that this is going to be one of my favorite outfits to wear this fall and winter!  

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hooded Flannel Shirt with Jalie Jeans

McCall's 6613
Size S
Alterations:  Added a lined hood
Fabrics:  Flannel, jersey knit for hood lining

I love a good flannel shirt for winter.   I bought this flannel last year on clearance for about $3 a yard.  It is pretty thick too, making it a good weight for a jacket.

I'm happy I chose to use this shirt pattern.  The instructions were great and the fit is pretty good. The sleeves are a little long on me, but I'm okay with that.   If I use this pattern for a "shirt," I will most likely take some of the length out of the sleeve.   I used the hood pattern from McCall's 7447, which lined up perfectly.

I finally figured out how to line a hood enclosing the neck seam!  First, I basted my hood to the neck seam.  I left a large area of the hood lining center seam unsewn.  Next, I pinned the lining to the hood, right sides together, with the shirt folded up between the two.  I sewed all the way around the hood edges, pulling the shirt out through the hood lining opening.
 here are my hood pieces clipped right sides together with the shirt in the middle

 Then I pinned my center seam of my hood lining together and hand stitched it.

And I'm really happy that my stripes lined up!  I thought I cut out my pockets to line up too, but that didn't happen.  Oh well.  I just remind myself that with store bought, more times than not, their lines don't match either.

And what goes well with a comfy flannel but a nice new pair of Jalie jeans!

This is such a great pattern.  

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley