Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ottobre Lampi Jeggings with Jalie Dolman

Jalie Dolman Top 3352
Size T
Alterations:  Added 7 inches to the length

Ottobre Lampi Jeggings 5/2014-13
Size 36

I love the Jalie Dolman top.  I have made it several times for me and my girls.  I love that it comes in multiple sizes to accommodate all of us.  As my girls grow, I just trace the next size.  The shirt is so easy to make and looks different depending on your fabric choice.  For this tunic, I used a gray rayon knit from Joann's.  

I decided after making my jeggings that I wanted a tunic top to wear with them.  I wanted one that would fit me as good as the Jalie Dolman, so it occurred to me to just add some length.  Two hours later I had a new top.  Both sides of the fabric were not quite the same.  One side side was a little darker, which I used for the neck band.  To lengthen, I started at the pattern notch and gradually took my width out to 1/2" at the hemline.

I have wanted to make these jeggings ever since I received the 2014 Ottobre issue.  What was holding me back?  I could not find the right type of fabric I wanted to make them in.  Then one day while shopping, I came upon Telio Bailey Knit Black fabric.  It is medium/heavy weight and absolutely perfect for jeggings!

I used my cover stitch machine to do all top stitching, with the exception of the back pockets, coin pocket, and the single line of stitching on the outer side seam.  I wanted to be sure not to compromise any stretch the fabric would have.

I really like my outfit.  I have never owned a pair of jeggings until now.  One pair of jeggings will be sufficient for my needs, but I will definitely be adding many more Dolman tunics to my wardrobe.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Some Favorites Sewn Up Again

McCall's Top 7247
Ottobre Mini Skirt 5/2016

Top blogged previously here.
Skirt blogged previously here.

I did a couple of things differently this time.  I tacked the shirt down within the overlapped seam in a couple of places so the wind won't blow it open.

Also, last time I took 2 inches off the skirt length after I had made it.  This time I altered the pattern.  It does make a difference sometimes how you alter length.  If you take it off at the hem, you might alter dimensions width wise, especially with the way this skirt vents open.

This blouse fabric is the exact fabric on the McCall's pattern--how lucky is that!  I bought it not even knowing.  Then when I was going through my patterns to select a blouse, it occurred to me that I had that same fabric.  How could I not make it in this blouse!  Besides, I really love my first version of it.

This is definitely my kind of outfit.  It is so comfortable and perfect for fall and winter.  Warm enough to venture outside, but not so hot that you will bake indoors.

I made my slip not necklace too. I found a video online and was finished in minutes.


Here is another pair of jeans for my son, previously blogged here.  These are Ottobre's Hi-hat pants.  I have made these several times.

This time I left off all pocket flaps, used a different pocket for the backside from another pattern I made for my son, as well as adding an outer side pocket for his phone.

I used a lot of bar tacks for design.  The copper jeans top stitching thread looks fabulous with the dark brown denim.  The fabric is heavy weight, so rather stiff looking at the moment.  Until cooler weather, I will keep these jeans in the laundry room and wash with every load of jeans and towels in hopes to soften them up.

I made these in a 170, so they are a little big with this pattern.  But, this will ensure (hopefully) they will fit throughout winter.


Here is a skirt I made a few months ago.  This is Paprika's Jade skirt--Love!

It is fully lined and the front side has fabric folds making it a very stylish-looking skirt.  I will definitely be making more Jade skirts in other colors.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Flannel/knit button-up & Ottobre Boy's Jeans

McCall's 7447
Men's Size Small

Ottobre Spring 1/2014
#37 Desert Denim Jeans
Size 170

It's been a while since I've sewn for my son.  He has nearly outgrown all of his clothes that I've made, so new shirts and  jeans are in the sewing que for him.  He is growing up fast!

I picked up this fun winter knit fabric--he loves all things penguin related.

I love how this pattern combines a flannel shirt with knit sleeves.  I found there to be a little too much ease in the cap of the sleeve, so I ran a basting stitch to help control the fabric while easing it in.

I lined the hood with the same knit I used for the sleeves, encasing the neck seam.  See my post here on how I did that.

As you can see, this shirt does not have a back yoke, so it is not very fitted.

Here are the Ottobre jeans.  I'm really happy with the fit.  I made these in a 170 for him, which is the largest pattern size offered in their magazine.  I can't believe he is sizing out of Ottobre now.  The only change I made was to redraft the fly.  I prefer to follow Jalie Jeans pattern instructions, so I added the necessary pattern extension to the Ottobre pants front fly area, making assembly for the zipper much easier on me.

You can see in the above picture how the back yoke is fairly wide, so the pockets sit low.  

I love the back pocket detail, which was included in the Ottobre pattern instructions.  The sky is the limit with how you can design a back pocket, but I usually lack in ideas here.  I appreciate that Ottobre had something unique outlined for that.  It's been a while since I have added rivets to jeans; I forgot how much fun that was to do!

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