Friday, January 20, 2017

The Aldaia Dress

Pauline Alice Aldaia Dress

View B with longer sleeves
Size 38 Bodice with 40 Skirt
Fabric:  Nicole Miller

I have found a new pattern that I love!  There are 3 dress versions, all equally as beautiful.  I am not a big fan of PDF patterns; however, this one went together pretty easy.  I love how each bodice, sleeve, and skirt is a separate file so you can pick and choose what to print.  To me, this makes it so much easier to assemble the pattern since the entire dress isn't printed and taped together in one massive sheet.  Smaller sections helped my sanity and saved me some paper and tape.  Also, being able to pick and choose between 3 bodices, 3 sleeves, and 3 skirts, you can create many different looks.

I like the side slits.  Since I shorted the skirt pattern by 3.25 inches, I just picked a spot to take the split up to, not even measuring to see what the actual pattern placed it at.  I found the slits to be a little pesky to hem since my fabric is stretchy.  To make it easier on myself, I cut a thin strip of knit interfacing to stabilize them.  The bottom hem I was able to use my covers stitch machine without any problem.

The back skirt and back bodice pieces both have two darts at the waistline.  It's nearly impossible to see them because of my fabric print.  The darts allow for some nice shaping at the waistline and a swayback adjustment wasn't needed.

I love the modest wrap of the front bodice!  It is so hard to find a wrap top or dress that is high enough or won't gap open dare you move or bend over.  The last thing I want to have to do after I have made something is to add a pin or a snap to keep it closed.

For my next make, I'll be making View C of this pattern!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley

Sunday, January 1, 2017

McCall's 7079

McCall's 7079
Size 12
Fabric: Jersey Knit

What a well drafted little pattern this is!  I didn't have to make any alterations--everything fit perfectly.  My daughter loves it and immediately asked if I could make her another one.  She actually wants a third, but we decided to postpone that make until closer to summer since the other fabric is a tropical floral-type print.

The pattern instructions have you turn under the fabric for the neck. I prefer an actual neckband, so I cut a strip of fabric 2 inches in width, folding wrong sides together, and attaching to the wrong side of the neckline.  Then I folded it over onto itself and attached with a tiny zig zag stitch.  Lighter knit fabrics are a little trickier for me to handle and I have found that doing it this way makes the neck more stable.  I don't end up with a floppy, stretched out neckband.

I used my serger and cover stitch machine for the entire assembly of this dress, making it so quick! I do use my sewing machine to baste the neckband on, prior to serging, to ensure everything looks right.

This version is made in a ponte knit.  I also made a neckband here, but since it is a thicker fabric, I attached it as you would for any t-shirt.  I cut the neckband at 1 and 3/4 inch width, attaching with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  I cut the length long and slightly pull on it as I sew it to the neck, cutting off the excess once I reach the end.

As you can see above in the pattern illustration, there are other versions that can be made with options to the bodice back, as well as a gathered skirt with elastic insertion.  Since we are still having cool temperatures, I opted for no open back designs and I'd much rather not have to gather the skirt if I don't have to.  With this dress version, the skirt top matches perfectly to the bodice bottom and no elastic is used.

Happy New Year!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley