Sunday, February 19, 2017

My Bell Bottom Baby dressed with Jalie

Jalie 2908 Jeans
with 2805 Knit Top
Size P

I asked my children the other day what they wanted me to make them next.  One of my girls excitedly said, "bell bottom jeans!"  Since Jalie jeans already have a nice flared bottom, I took that and extended the flare out by 1/2 inch at each side.  I gradually took this line up, blending in at the knee area notch.

If you are wearing bell bottom jeans, you definitely want to complete the look with a flower top, right?  She couldn't be more thrilled.  I did make a swayback adjustment for her and lowered the neckline a little.

The fabric is Art Gallery Jersey Knit Pop Art Spring Blossom, purchased from
The denim is also purchased from

For years, this one wouldn't even put on a pair of jeans.  Everything was too stiff or too scratchy.  I would have to resort to knit yoga pants for her every year.  Finally, finally, I got the okay to make her jeans.  I didn't think they would be bell bottoms though.  Now she is in love with her new jeans and already wants more.

Getting a great fit took time and I didn't want to fuss with a muslin.  I had my daughter try them on all along the assembly process.  I had to take an inch out of the center back yoke, which is a quick fix to eliminate the gap.  Before I make another pair, I will take a 1/2" dart out of the pattern piece.  Since the waistband has a CB seam, I immediately removed a 1/2" before I sewed it together.  After basting the waistband on, I discovered yet another gap at the top of the band!  I had to remove the waistband and take in 1/2" at the center point of the seam, tapering back out to 3/8 at the top and the bottom.  This way when you fold the band over, you get a little V shape, bringing it closer into the waist. Perfect!

I'm overjoyed that this outfit turned out perfectly for her.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Another Aldaia Dress

Pauline Alice Aldaia Dress
View C
Size 38 Bodice, Size 40 Skirt

Alterations:  I used a neckband in place of the bodice facings.

This is another Aldaia dress.  I love this one just as much as the first one I made.  They look so different from each other that you might not even think that it was from the same pattern!

My fabric is so busy, making it really hard to see the 6 gores in the skirt, so I am holding them out to show the lovely fullness you achieve with this version.

I really was intrigued by the pattern's use of a facing for the neckline, which would make for a nice clean finish.  Unfortunately, my very stretchy fabric made this difficult for me to achieve.  The front side of my bodice kind of rolled forward exposing my understitching.  I ended up cutting off the facing and attaching a band as you would for a t-shirt.  Sometimes you have to make a quick fix in order to salvage your project from the recycle bin!  I have no doubt that with the right fabric choice, this would have had better results.

I purchased my fabric from Joann's.


Next are a couple of shirts I made using Jalie's 2805 t-shirt pattern.  Pure love!!  If you don't have this pattern, I highly recommend it.  

Alterations:  Lowered neckline, 1/2 inch swayback adjustment, and forward shoulder adjustment.

Fabric purchased from Knitpop.

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