Monday, June 19, 2017

Sewing a few things...

Hello!  With summer in full swing, my sewing has slowed down a little.  My children are on summer break from school and we have been busy with other things.

I made another SUAT Brazi!  I have made a few, so they are a quick and easy sew for me.  I found this lovely Boho jersey knit from Girl Charlee a while back and paired it with some navy blue knit.

What draws me to this dress time and time again is the sewn in bra cups.  

I made this dress a few weeks ago but never got around to blogging it.  My girls and I ran out to the store, so I threw this on and had pictures taken...probably at the worst time of the day with the bright sun!  It was either that or no picture.

One of my girls asked for another pair of Jalie Jeans.  I bought this beautiful red denim from the Angela Wolf website.  It's a medium weight knit that is really soft next to the skin.

My daughter is a fan of "That 70s Show," and likes her pants with bell bottoms.  I just flared out the pattern from the knee down.

Out of all the pairs of jeans I have made, these are by far the nicest sewing job I've done, particularly the waistband..  Maybe from here on out they will all be perfect?  LOL  Of course no picture of the waistband, but it is really good!

I used kind of a maroon colored top stitching thread.  Red just blended in too much and I thought that would be boring for her.  Any other color was too much of a contrast.

When I cut out the pockets, I gave her some white chalk to make her own design.  I think you can still see a little bit of the chalk on the fabric.  I used a triple stitch for the X and a zig zag stitch for the heart.  Definitely put some tear away stabilizer underneath your pocket pieces; it keeps the fabric from stretching out.

And I actually tried out a new pattern!  This is the Patterns for Pirates Essential Tank.  I made it with a jersey knit from Joann's.  It's a little thin, so I am wearing a slip underneath.  It's almost too thin for my liking for dress purposes, but for a tank it is perfect.  I have another tie dye fabric in red and blue that I'll be using to make another one.  I love wearing this around the house on these hot summer days.  It's more comfortable than shorts.


Somehow I have managed to injure my wrist and I'm not sure exactly what I did.  It's pretty sore.  Sometimes extremely painful.  It seems to mend a little and then the slightest thing makes it hurt again.  Turning a door knob is even painful!  sigh  

It has really put a damper on my sewing.  My brazi and my essential tank dresses were both made before injuring my wrist.  I had started my daughter's jeans, but then I had to work ever-so-slowly on them when I could.  I thought I would never get them finished!  She has been so excited about them.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley