Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hello Charlie!

Jalie Charlie Bomber Jacket
Size Q

It all started last week while shopping for back-to-school clothes.  The stores are full of bomber jackets right now.  My daughter wanted one, but specifically in cheetah print!  

Oh my, would we even find one and one that she would like?  

I immediately told her about Jalie's bomber jacket pattern and this way she could choose her own fabric!  Plus, I get to buy a new pattern.  I love any excuse to buy a new pattern of course.  I knew this would be a win/win situation for both of us.

Before I bought the pattern, I noticed that Jalie had a video tutorial.  It is so well done that you can follow along with it instead of referring to the instructions, which is pretty much what I did. 

Look at that pocket!!  It is genius how this goes together and so simple to do, really.  

I bought this cheetah quilted knit from, as well as the solid black ponte knit.  Joann's Fabric store had the black rib knit for the waistband, cuffs, and collar.

I lined it too...with cheetah print!  My daughter spotted this lining at Joann's before we even bought the other fabrics we would need.

This jacket is quick to make and the only difficulty I had with it was the top of the zipper where it meets the collar.  I bought some zipper stops, but they were too small to use with my zipper, so that was one snag I hit.  Then I decided to just sew a tight zig zag stitch at the top for my own stop which worked fine.  But I still seemed to have trouble lining up the collar at the right point on the zipper.  I think it's just a learning curve.  This was the first one for me, so hopefully the next time it will go much smoother.

We're both excited how this jacket turned out.  I can't wait to make myself one now.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Angel Bootcut Jean with the Delila Top

I have been sewing a lot lately....on my jeans!  I've put hours into them.  This is the first time I have distressed jeans where I achieved great results and I'm so happy with them.  I've made them twice before, here and here.  My pattern was already traced, so I just went with previous alterations, but this time I raised my knee on the pattern by a couple of inches.  I noticed with my two previous pairs that I had some buckling of fabric at the back knee area.  

I do have Angela Wolf's Craftsy class on how to make these and I highly recommend it.  She shows you step by step how to assemble, as well as how to distress your denim.  Distressing is a lot of fun.  I would sew and then just work on the distressing outside on a board.  I got a little carried away on my waistband and ended up with a tiny hole from the sandpaper.  Boo.  I whipped out my fabric glue and covered it really good and just went with it and top stitched over the area.  You can't really tell.

I made another Delila, but this time in a long sleeve.  I love this top.  I especially love the long sleeve cuffs!  I started with a very dark navy blue and used dye remover on it.  I ended up with a little yellow, green, and a kind of purple tint.  Removing dye is exciting!  You just don't know how it is all going to look until you pop off those rubber bands at the end of the wash.  Hmm, how many dyed tops would be too many?  I seriously want to try one in every color.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley